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Shimadzu Online TOC-4200 Brochure

The TOC-4200 is a high-performance on-line TOC analyzer, based on the proven 680°C Catalyst-aided Combustion technology. This established technology is featured in a large installed base of Shimadzu Total Organic Carbon Analyzers throughout the world, and has been applied to a broad field of industries.
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Measurement of TOC in Electroplating Solution by TOC-L CSH

As the salt concentration in plating solutions is typically more than just a few percent, this could adversely affect direct measurement using a typical combustion catalytic oxidation type TOC analyzer. Therefore, the sample must be diluted before measurement, and because the Shimadzu TOC combustion catalytic oxidation type analyzer is equipped with an automatic dilution feature, high-salt-concentration samples can be measured by automatically diluting the sample. Here, we introduce an example of measurement of a nickel plating solution containing nickel sulfamate using the Shimadzu TOC-L CSH analyzer.
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Measuring TOC in Brine Solutions

The TOC - L with the high salt kit is capable of analyzing large numbers of samples containing very high salt concentrations with minimal maintenance.

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Cleaning Validation by TOC Analyzer

Cleaning validation ensures that the quantity of residual substances collected from the surfaces of the production-related equipment in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities is within the permissible limit. Three TOC measurements methods are available to perform validation. This note examines the features of each method to determine which method is most effective.
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EPA Method 415.3 - Determination of TOC in Source Water and Drinking Water

Method 415.3 states that the measurement of Total Organic Carbon ( TOC ) and DOC must use a TOC instrument that oxidizes organic carbon in the water to create carbon dioxide gas, which is then measurable.

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Global Standard for TOC Analyzers

Combustion Catalytic Oxidation/NDIR Detection Method TOC Analyzers with a User-Friendly Design
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Measurement of Oil Residues on Copper Wire Surface by TOC Solid Sample Measurement System

Assessment of residual oil on the surface is important since this oil adversely affects product quality. This application introduces measurement using a TOC solid sample measurement system, which eliminates the need for extraction or other troublesome pretreatment procedures.
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