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Motors & Drives

Given growing emphasis on energy efficiency, motors and drives are a big story in today’s process industries. For example, many industrial processes move at different speeds at different times for different products. Besides adjusting pump or fan flow to process conditions, varying drive speed may save energy compared with other flow control techniques. Variable, or adjustable, speed drives were developed as a means to improved process control, but their use highlights growing energy-efficiency efforts. If the output speed can be changed without steps over a range, the drive is usually referred to as variable speed. Adjustable and variable speed drives may be purely mechanical, electromechanical, hydraulic or electronic.


Synchronous Drive System

Baldor Electric Company’s Dodge HT500 synchronous drive system delivers high torque, low maintenance and potential energy savings with less overhung load than V-belts.
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Ultra-efficient ECPM Motor Line

NovaTorque, Inc., a Fremont,Calif-based producer of ultra efficient, cost-effective, electronically commutated permanent magnet motors, introduces 7.5hp and 10hp horsepower models of its PremiumPlus+™ motors.
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Industrial Media Converter

The Ethernet to Belden Blue Hose Industrial Media Converter allows companies to upgrade their Allen-Bradley Remote I/O systems by running EtherNet/IP communications over the existing Remote I/O network.
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Compact D-frame Drives

Up to 68% smaller than previous generation drives, compact D-frame drives from Danfoss VLT Drives are optimized to deliver highly reliable performance in the 125 – 450 HP range while exhausting 90% of the drive-generated heat outside the enclosure via the backchannel.
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