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Oil & Gas

Use of fossil fuels — including oil and natural gas — is one of the defining characteristics of our time. Over the last two decades, the emergence of national oil companies and dwindling oil resources have moved the major independent oil and gas companies to tap into more and more unconventional resources, including deepwater subsea, shale plays, tar sands and subsalt. Given its complexity, oil field development is coordinated amongst multiple independent and highly specialized contractors, including industry equipment suppliers; engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) concerns; and service


Oil spill linked to high levels of arsenic in groundwater

The natural breakdown of petroleum underground can lead to elevated levels of arsenic in groundwater, a long-term study has shown.
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Study finds optimal zeolites for biofuel, petroleum processing

New materials that could improve biofuel and petroleum processing have been identified by researchers from the University of Minnesota and Rice University.
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Rules tightened on UK fracking

New conditions will have to be met by operators seeking to drill for shale gas in the United Kingdom.
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High levels of ammonium, iodide found in oil & gas wastewater

Wastewater from oil and gas operations in two states has been found to contain high levels of potentially hazardous contaminants.
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Petrobras develops technology to cut CO2 emissions from refineries

New technology to cut greenhouse gas emissions from refineries is being developed on a demonstration scale by Petrobras.
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Produced water treatment services market to reach $8 billion by 2019

A new report estimates that the global market for produced water treatment services will be worth more than $8.0 billion by 2019, rising at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5%.
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Yellow Stone River oil spill contaminates water supplies

Residents of the eastern Montana city of Glendive have been advised to use bottled water for drinking and cooking after an oil pipeline burst at the weekend, sending crude oil into the Yellowstone River.
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Refinery workers injured in blast

Three employees were injured on Sunday in an explosion at an oil refinery operated by Brazil's Petrobras.
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California refinery reopened thanks to new emissions control technology

New combustion and emissions control technology is to be installed in a refinery in Bakersfield, California, that has been out of use since 1984, allowing the facility to start operating again.
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Limited risk of radiation exposure associated with oil and gas development, study finds

There is little risk of radiation exposure from shale gas development in Pennsylvania, according to a study by the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).
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