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Food & Beverage

The food & beverage industry specializes in the conceptualization, making of and delivery of foods. The food industry is a complex, global collective of diverse businesses that supply much of the food energy consumed by the world’s population. Beverage processing includes soft drinks and bottled water manufacturing, wineries, breweries and distilleries. Within food & beverage markets, better management of batch processing is needed as food distribution channels have become more complex. In addition to wholesalers, grocers and food-service providers, manufacturers see new customers in alternative retail formats and the tremendous growth in private-label goods. Their challenge is maintaining product consistency amidst increasing variation in raw ingredients, recipes and packaging.


Egg processing equipment market valued at more than $500 million

The global market for egg processing equipment is expected to be worth as much as $532.1 million by 2019.
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Meat processor JBS Australia to acquire Primo Group for $1.25 billion

JBS Australia, the largest meat processing company in Australia, has agreed to acquire Primo Group, the largest ham, bacon and small meat products producer in Australia and New Zealand.
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UK retailers address Campylobacter issue

In an effort to reduce the rate of Campylobacter infections, two U.K. retailers are extending the use of "roast-in-the-bag" packaging.
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Electronic 'tongue' tests quality of food, water, pharmaceuticals

Researchers in Ukraine have developed an electronic tongue with a silicon surface that they say could be used to quality-check food and drinks and might also have applications in medical diagnostics, pharmaceutical testing and environmental monitoring.
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New process improves taste of alcohol-free beer

A new process developed by researchers in Spain helps improve the smell and the taste of alcohol-free beer by adding aromas from regular beer.
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New facility in Australia aims to boost food processing industry

The University of Sydney has opened a new training center for the food processing industry.
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Cargill partners with ConAgra to bring Hunt's, ACT II brands to Brazil

Under the partnership, Cargill will distribute Hunt’s products produced at ConAgra Foods plants in the United States, specifically tomato ketchup, yellow mustard and barbecue sauce.
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Fish processing plant given 30 days to stop bad smell

A fish processing plant has been given 30 days to stop rotten odors or face having to close down until the problem can be solved.
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Poultry processing plant fined after dumping waste in storm drains

A poultry slaughterhouse in New York has admitted disposing of chicken parts and other waste in storm drains and sewers.
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Mysterious illness strikes workers at turkey processing plant

Employees at a Jennie-O Turkey Store processing plant in Willmar, Minnesota, were taken to a local hospital on Friday evening after a mystery illness caused about 30 workers to show symptoms such as vomiting and coughing.
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