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The chemical industry produces a wide range of goods central to the modern world economy, including base chemicals, life science, specialty chemicals and consumer products. The main raw materials of the chemical industry are fossil fuels, air, water, salt, limestone, sulfur and equivalents, and some specialized raw materials such as phosphates and the mineral fluorspar. The chemical industry converts these raw materials into primary, secondary or tertiary products.


EPA takes action over benzidine-based dyes

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced new rules intended to protect the public from certain chemicals.
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Solvay acquires Ryton polyphenylene sulfide business

Global chemical company Solvay has completed the acquisition of the Ryton® PPS (polyphenylene sulphide) business from U.S.-based Chevron Phillips Chemical Company for $220 million.
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Levulinic acid market set to benefit from expanding applications

Demand is growing for levulinic acid (4-oxopentanoic acid), a platform chemical used to manufacture various other chemicals.
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EPA proposes action over harmful toluene diisocyanates

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed regulations to help protect consumers from new uses and imports of Toluene Diisocyanates (TDI) and related compounds.
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Lubrizol closes acquisition of Warwick Chemicals, Weatherford businesses

Chemicals company The Lubrizol Corporation has completed two acquisitions within the space of one week, expanding its home care operations and creating a new business segment in the field of oilfield solutions.
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Purdue researchers turn biomass waste into valuable chemicals

A new process developed at Purdue University converts lignin, once considered a biomass waste product, into valuable chemical commodities.
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European polymer industry faces continued pressure

The European polymer industry has come under pressure this year from producers in the United States and the Middle East, where cheap feedstocks have led to an expansion in capacity.
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BASF transfers automotive refinish coatings business in India to Würth

Chemicals giant BASF is to transfer its automotive refinish coatings business in India to Würth.
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Outlook optimistic for chemical production in 2015

Chemical production in the United States and Europe is predicted to pick up in 2015, after failing to reach the levels expected this year.
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Coatings maker Hempel makes another acquisition

Global coatings specialist Hempel has expanded its business with the acquisition of Dutch coatings manufacturer Schaepman, and said it will benefit from Schaepman's proven expertise in protective coatings.
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