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Water & Wastewater

For both develop and developing economies there is no more vital issue than to guarantee their populations and industries safe and adequate water supplies. Process industries face further challenges, to cost-effectively secure water at the quality called for by the process, and to deal with complex produced water issues, either my minimizing its generation or effectively dealing with its treatment.


EPA grants $2.1m for water quality projects in urban communities

July 22, 2014
Some 37 organizations in 17 states will access $2.1 million through the EPA Urban Water program
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Local governments disagree on extended clean water act regulation

July 21, 2014
Local governments in the United States are trying to find a middle ground on opposing opinions regarding new federal Clean Water Act rules causing much discussion among farmers, industry leaders and environmentalists.
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NOAA: Algae blooms in Lake Erie on the decline

July 16, 2014
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) expects significant algae bloom in the western part of Lake Erie this summer, but predicts lower levels than last year and a dramatic decline from the 2011 peak.
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Demand for water recycling services on the rise

July 15, 2014
Water recycling and disposal companies are seeing great opportunities doing business with oil and gas companies in North America.
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Missouri poultry farm reaches agreement with EPA over water pollution

May 20, 2014
A Missouri-based poultry company has agreed to settle violations of the Clean Water Act and pay a $47,700 civil penalty for illegal wastewater discharges.
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Rudy Giuliani to speak at AWWA conference in Boston

April 29, 2014
Rudolph Giuliani will address more than 2,000 water professionals on June 9, during the opening general session of the American Water Works Association’s Annual Conference & Exposition.
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Water management projects key for Louisiana's economy

April 23, 2014
The state has been busy dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and much of the work linked with that has revolved around water management projects, such as improving interior drainage systems and the New Orleans area levee system.
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GE, Saudi Aramco launch project to improve desalination technologies

April 22, 2014
Saudi Aramco and GE will award a $200,000 grant to the winners of a competition for the best desalination technology ideas that can lower costs and improve efficiencies.
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Veolia outlines strategic move towards mining industry

April 16, 2014
French water and environmental services giant Veolia Environnement SA is looking to increase its share of sales to the mining industry.
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USGS blames oil drilling for water contamination in Montana

April 15, 2014
USGS researchers said that disposal of brine water from oil operations for decades has affected the quality of both private drinking water wells and public water supply wells.
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