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Water & Wastewater

For both develop and developing economies there is no more vital issue than to guarantee their populations and industries safe and adequate water supplies. Process industries face further challenges, to cost-effectively secure water at the quality called for by the process, and to deal with complex produced water issues, either my minimizing its generation or effectively dealing with its treatment.


Researcher improves nitrate-removal process

New research in the Netherlands points to a more effective way of removing nitrate from drinking water through the use of a catalyst.
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Nitrogen in recycled wastewater good for irrigation

Recycled wastewater contains nutrients that are essential to plant health, such as nitrogen and phosphorous. Should it be used more widely to irrigate turfgrass in urban environments?
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IChemE calls for global action to cut water usage in food production

More needs to be done to reduce the amount of water used in food production, according to the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE).
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Water quality improves in Monongahela River

Sulfate contamination in the Monongahela River has been reduced and it is no longer listed as impaired, a state water quality assessment reveals.
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Environmental group calls for improved sewage treatment to prevent pharmaceutical pollution

A new report says that improvements to sewage and wastewater treatment are needed to help prevent human and veterinary medicines from polluting rivers and harming wild birds, fish and other species.
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Investors sought for solar desalination technology

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to move a new small-scale desalination product from prototype into production.
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Researchers use cigarette ash to remove arsenic from drinking water

A simple, low-cost method to remove naturally occurring and industry-related arsenic from drinking water has been discovered by researchers in China and Saudi Arabia.
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Oilfield water firms join forces

Select Energy Services, LLC, a provider of water management solutions for the oil and gas industry, has formed a strategic partnership with X-Chem/Terra Services, an oilfield wastewater treatment and recycling company.
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US water use reaches lowest level in 45 years

The latest figures on water use in the United States show that conservation efforts are having an impact.
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Researchers classify microplastic particles in wastewater

A German study has confirmed that conventional methods used at wastewater treatment plants do not completely eliminate microplastics.
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