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Fox Thermal Instruments, Inc.

Fox Thermal Instruments, Inc.


Thermal Mass Flowmeter & Temperature Transmitter

March 10, 2014
Fox Thermal Instruments has revamped its product line with the redesigned FT2A Thermal Mass Flow Meter.
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Accurate Gas Flow Monitoring

June 5, 2013
The Model FT3 Thermal Mass Flow Meter & Temperature Transmitter, winner of Processing’s 2012 Breakthrough Products Award, measures two important process variables in one rugged instrument.
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Calibration validation in situ — how do you do?

Processing's Breakthrough Products 2012
December 1, 2012
Of the many positive features of its FT3 meter/transmitter, Marina, Calif.-based Fox Thermal Instruments says “calibration validation” is the most groundbreaking.
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Flowmeter Simplifies Environmental Monitoring

July 28, 2011
Wide turndown and a specified accuracy that exceeds the EPA requirement means that the FOX Model FT2 flowmeter can help users meet immediate reporting requirements as well as achieve accurate,
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