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Pipe Thread Vortex Flowmeter

March 27, 2014
With no moving parts, a lifetime warranty and available in various sizes, the MNPT threaded vortex meter reduces maintenance costs and is well suited for direct replacement of turbine, magnetic flow and orifice meters.
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Vortex Shedding Flowmeters

June 6, 2013
Universal Flow Monitors has added a PROFINET option to its CoolPoint™ Vortex Shedding Flowmeters.
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Vortex Flowmeter for Steam Energy Measurement

August 28, 2012
KROHNE, Inc.’s OPTISWIRL 4070 C is the first vortex flowmeter to feature integrated pressure and temperature compensation in two-wire technology. The device is ideal for steam quantity measurement for
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Inline Vortex Flowmeter

April 19, 2012
Spirax Sarco’s VLM10 inline vortex flowmeter is ideal for mass, volumetric, and energy flow measurement on steam, liquid and gas applications. The VLM10 combines an inline vortex meter, a built-in
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Flowmeter Increases Plant Availability and Enhances Overall Safety

May 20, 2010
The flowmeter enhances online vortex sensor maintainability, while providing an added level of safety on critical applications. The vortex sensor in the flowmeter is isolated from the process, making it
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Loop-Powered Flowmeter with Integrated Pressure and Temperature Compensation

March 16, 2010
The flowmeter is an all-in-one product that delivers accurate measurement of standard volumetric and mass flow of conductive and non-conductive liquids, gases and vapors, even in applications that are prone
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CPVC flow transmitters for high temperature water and corrosives

December 15, 2008
Vortex shedding flow rate transmitters of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) allow for greater heat resistance in processing corrosive fluids, water, brine and low-viscosity fluids in water treatment, chemical and
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Flowmeter line expanded, four new sizes available

September 17, 2008
Universal Flow Monitors, Inc. introduces four new sizes of stainless steel CoolPointâ„¢ vortex shedding flowmeters for corrosion resistance in processing cooling water, water/glycol coolant or low-viscosity fluids.CoolPointâ„¢ flowmeters of
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Foxboro Instrumentation Helps Major Russian Refiner Automate

February 26, 2008
CUSTOMER CHALLENGEGlobal demand for petroleum products is high and expected to grow steadily as power requirements of developed and developing countries increase. The market is highly volatile however, and
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