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Pressure Measurement


Solar-powered Pressure Gauge

September 9, 2013
Palmer Instruments, Inc. has added a new solar powered pressure gauge to its line of industrial temperature and pressure measurement solutions.
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Kynar® Pressure Regulator for Ultra-Pure Liquids

August 19, 2013
New pressure reducing valve uses thermoplastic materials selected specifically for semiconductor, pharmaceutical and other industries requiring ultra-high purity.
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Submersible Pressure Transducers

August 6, 2013
Madison Company's MAD4500/4510 and MAD4520 series of Submersible Pressure Transducers now feature a standard ½” male NPT conduit connection.
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Portable Pressure Calibrator

July 15, 2013
The new Yokogawa CA700 Portable Pressure Calibrator is equipped with a silicon resonant sensor that uses Yokogawa proprietary DPHARP technology.
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Pressure Transducers

December 19, 2012
Brooks Instrument, a world-leading provider of advanced flow, pressure, vacuum and level solutions, has received International Electrotechnical Commission (IECEx) certification for its SolidSense II pressure transducers.
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Portable Compressor

July 19, 2012
Kaeser’ new Mobilair™ M250 portable compressor provides 900 cfm at 125 psig. Designed for easy towing and maximum maneuverability, the 288 hp M250 is also compact and lightweight —
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Industrial Vacuum Pressure Regulator

February 16, 2012
The Precision Controls Division (PCD) of Marsh Bellofram Corporation has announced the global market introduction of the Type 77 industrial vacuum pressure regulator series. The Type 77 is a
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Domeloaded Pressure Regulators Permit High Flows

May 9, 2011
RHPS series domeloaded pressure regulators permit high flows and exhibit less droop than spring-loaded designs in controlling the pressure of liquids and gases, according to the the manufacturer. The domeloaded
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New Indicator Built for High-Pressure Washdowns

March 22, 2011
The new 190 STORM digital weight indicator is built for extreme-use applications in the weighing industry. The IP69K-rated polycarbonate enclosure withstands high-temperature (up to 176 degrees F) and high-pressure washdowns
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Thermally Actuated Gas Shut-off Device

June 10, 2010
The shut-off device automatically discontinues the flow of gas when the ambient temperature reaches 100 degrees C, averting fire escalation and potential gas explosions. The shut-off valve has been used
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