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Progressive Cavity


Universal Parts for Progressing Cavity Pumps

WEFTEC visitors will see some of Moyno’s progressing cavity (PC) pump and grinder products, plus the Universal Parts range for progressing cavity pumps.
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Pumps and Accessory Equipment

For over six decades NETZSCH has been manufacturing and supplying NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pumps and TORNADO® Rotary Lobe Pumps, screw pumps, maceators/grinders, metering systems, mobile pumps and accessory equipment for custom and challenging applications.
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Sealless Mag Drive Pump

Moyno® Mag Drive 500 Series pumps are the first progressing cavity wobble stator pumps to offer magnetic drives.
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Progressing Cavity Pumps for Oil and Gas Applications

Moyno® 2000 progressing cavity pumps are ideal for lease automatic custody transfer (LACT) applications in the oil and gas industry.
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Progressing Cavity Pump for High Solids Content Materials

The Moyno® 2000 Model G3 Progressing Cavity Pump is ideal for handling semi-dry, high solids content or caked substances. It features a series of finger mechanisms mounted on two
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Moyno launches new website

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio – Moyno, Inc. launched a new interactive website located at The new website provides extensive information on the company’s expanded line of high quality progressing cavity
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NETZSCH Pumps North America announces Jeff Helm as new regional manager for the western region

EXTON, Pa. -- NETZSCH PUMPS NORTH AMERICA, LLC has expanded its sales force by hiring Jeff Helm as the Regional Sales Manager for the Western Region. He is responsible
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Progressing Cavity Solution for Multiphase Pumping Applications

The Moyno Tri-Phaze® System is the patented progressing cavity solution for multiphase pumping applications within the oil and gas industry. The Moyno Tri-Phaze System allows all fluids produced at the well
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