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Heat Exchangers

A heat exchanger is a piece of equipment built for efficient heat transfer from one medium to another, and typically removing heat from an industrial process. The shell-and-tube heat exchanger is perhaps the most common type.


Screw Heat Exchangers

May 15, 2013
The ┬░Celsius screw heat exchanger by Kemutec is an indirect heat exchanger based on a transfer screw design and is used for cooling, heating and drying powders, granules and pastes.
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Heat exchanger increases productivity and reduces operating costs in cooling hot melt adhesives

August 17, 2012
Reducing hot melt adhesive products’ time-to-cool period prior to forming has always been a desired productivity goal for adhesives manufacturers. It can often take up to six to 18
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Retractable Coils Increase Heat Exchanger Life

August 23, 2010
The fluoroplastic coiled tubing is a spiral formed tube manufactured in FEP or PFA that consists of a single or double retractable coil in a single tube. In heat exchanger
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Custom-designed thermoplastic heat exchangers

January 14, 2010
The thermoplastic all-welded heat exchangers are designed for heating or cooling in highly corrosive applications. The product line includes immersion, shell-and-tube, tube-plate, gas-liquid, and flexible heat exchangers. The materials of construction include:
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All-thermoplastic heat exchangers

May 18, 2009
Expanded line includes polytetra Series shell and tube heat exchangers. The Series heat exchangers feature an industry leading design that diverts flow to the side of the shell, avoiding
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Outdoor heat exchanger for versatile, reliable closed-loop cooling

April 8, 2009
The robust heat exchanger removes up to 3,000 watts of enclosure heat and features a double-crimped and dip-sealed core, allowing efficient thermal transfer while ensuring maximum protection against leaks
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