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Water/Waste Processing e-News

So elemental it’s everywhere

Our global water resources are unique in that all living things hold some stake in them. And for both developed and developing economies there is no more vital issue than to guarantee their populations and industries safe and adequate water supplies.

Water/Waste Processing e-News – delivered Tuesdays and highlighting water issues facing process industries and their municipal partners, whether the provision of clean water or disposal of produced.

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Scottish Water launches six-year improvement program

The state-owned utility announced on Monday that it would spend £3.5 billion ($5.7 billion) on a six-year program of upgrades to its water and sewage infrastructure.
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GE Technology generates renewable energy from industrial wastewater

GE has introduced new membrane-based wastewater treatment technology that can generate renewable energy from wastewater.
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Pharmaceuticals in wastewater contaminate shallow groundwater

Pharmaceuticals and other contaminants have been found in shallow groundwater after treated municipal wastewater was released into streams.
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California wastewater treatment plant aims to become carbon-neutral

A wastewater treatment facility in Victorville, California, is planning to go off-the-grid, generating energy from waste that would otherwise go to landfills.
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Grant funds research into water quality in Great Lakes

A federal grant has been awarded to researchers at the University of Michigan to develop tools for predicting water quality and forecasting harmful algal blooms in the Great Lakes.
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Iowa City's new wastewater treatment plant gives public tours

Iowa City's expanded South Wastewater Treatment Plant was opened to the public last week, with guided tours given for about 300 people. The open house event came after a $50 million expansion was recently completed at the plant.
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Fracking wastewater puts drinking water supplies at risk, study suggests

New research finds that discharge of fracking wastewater to rivers, even after it has passed through wastewater treatment plants, could put the drinking water supplies of downstream cities at risk.
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Solar energy speeds up tailings ponds reclamation

Researchers at the University of Alberta have shown that oil sands tailings can be cleaned up with a new technique that uses solar energy to accelerate the process.
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St. Lawrence River sediments polluted by microbeads

Microplastic particles have been discovered in the St. Lawrence River. The non-biodegradable particles originate from cosmetics as well as household and industrial cleaning products.
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Abu Dhabi targets 100% wastewater reuse

Water resources in the Middle East are becoming increasingly scarce and governments are addressing the issue in a variety of ways.
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