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Processing has a rich line-up of weekly electronic newsletters that carry the latest breaking headlines: including process industry events — sometimes catastrophic events — acquisitions & divestitures, challenges facing the industry and the most recent analyst opinions. We headline the stories readers are most interested in hearing about.

Processing e-News – on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays gives its subscribers instant insight into the kinds of challenges being faced, and solutions being implemented, within process industries.

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Pfizer acquires InnoPharma

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc. has completed its acquisition of InnoPharma Inc., the company announced on Thursday.
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Burning gas instead of coal has little impact on carbon emissions

Abundant supplies of natural gas in the United States have been hailed by many as a way to help the country lower its harmful emissions from power generation and pave the way to a clean energy future.
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Researchers propose formula for stronger cement

What's the ideal mix of ingredients in cement? Research published in the journal Nature Communications suggests a new formula that could reduce greenhouse-gas emissions while also improving durability.
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Saudi Aramco's chemical production is growing

Saudi Arabia's state-owned oil company, Saudi Aramco, is become a growing global competitor in chemical production, new analysis reveals.
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CF Industries in merger talks with Yara

Chicago-based nitrogen fertilizer producer CF Industries is holding merger talks with Norway's Yara International ASA.
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Fracking wastewater puts drinking water supplies at risk, study suggests

New research finds that discharge of fracking wastewater to rivers, even after it has passed through wastewater treatment plants, could put the drinking water supplies of downstream cities at risk.
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More than 500,000 supply chain jobs linked to unconventional production

Industries that support oil and gas producers are benefiting from the growth of unconventional oil and gas development in the United States.
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FDA launches food safety challenge

A competition has been launched by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to help find new methods of detecting disease-causing organisms in food.
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Solar energy speeds up tailings ponds reclamation

Researchers at the University of Alberta have shown that oil sands tailings can be cleaned up with a new technique that uses solar energy to accelerate the process.
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PCI acquires clinical trail services company Biotec

Pharmaceutical packaging services provider PCI has expanded its presence in the European Union with the acquisition of Biotec Services International.
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