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Chillers remove heat from a liquid via a vapor compression or absorption refrigeration cycle. This liquid can then be circulated through a heat exchanger to cool air or equipment. Chillers are often used in the plastic industry in injection and blow molding, and in most of the process industries. Chillers for industrial applications can be centralized, where a single chiller serves multiple cooling needs, or decentralized, where each application or machine has its own chiller.


Modulating Portable Chillers Conserve Energy, Maintain Temperature Stability

Mokon introduces the Iceman SM Series, a line of high-efficiency modulating chillers available in capacities from 5 to 15 hp. The Iceman SM Series of green-friendly portable chillers uses the
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Process Heating and Cooling Systems

Mokon’s new line of Full Range process heating and cooling systems have a temperature range of 50 F to 600 F. Combined with a chiller, a Mokon heat transfer fluid
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Outdoor Air-Cooled Chillers Up to 40 Tons

New Iceman Outdoor Air-Cooled Chillers are available with one- to 40-ton capacities and ambient temperature ranges of -25 to 105 degrees F. These Iceman OA Series chillers are designed
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