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Feeders, such as rotary, roller or belt conveyors, are commonly used in industrial applications as a component in bulk or specialty material handling systems.


Rotary Feeders Complement Pneumatic Transfer Systems

Volkmann’s new rotary dosing feeders are designed to complement the company’s VS and PPC series vacuum conveyors.
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Heavy Duty Feeders

Heavy Duty Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeders from Eriez® are ideally suited to handle large capacity applications that require controlled feeding of difficult materials.
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Versatile Feeder Handles Wide Range of Bulk Solid Materials

The industry leading MECHATRON® dry material feeder has all the unique design features that manufacturers require for their processing applications.
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Volumetric and Gravimetric Feeders for Dry Bulk Material

Hapman’s PosiPortion feeder precisely feeds a wide range of free-flowing or sluggish bulk solids, granules and powders.
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Feeders for Heavy Material Applications

Eriez C and A Series Feeders are ideally suited for heavy material applications requiring feeders to operate under heavy loads.
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Volumetric Dry Material Feeders

For volumetric dry material feeding applications, the economical Tuf-Flex™ Series Feeders handle a wide variety of fine powders, flakes, granules, chips and pellets.
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Vibratory Feeders, Conveyors and Screeners

Vibratory feeders, conveyors and screeners from Eriez are utilized throughout the plastics and rubber industry to convey and screen hard-to-handle materials with accuracy, reliability and simplicity.
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Batching Weighing Solutions

Vibra Screw offers a continuous or batching weighing solution for every dry bulk feeding problem.
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Low-profile Mechanical Feeders

Eriez HVF Mechanical Feeders are simple and rugged vibrating machines that move high volumes of bulk materials reliably and economically.
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Rotary Feeder Valves for Bulk Material Handling Processes

The MD Series of rotary feeder valves from ACS Valves offers tangible operating efficiency advantages and long-term production and maintenance savings.
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