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Middle East


Iran to offer incentives to foreign investors

July 14, 2014
Iran seems determined to open up to foreign investors, in the hope of attracting international businesses that would inject fresh capital into Iranian industry.
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Kuwait plans to expand petrochemical operations

June 6, 2014
Kuwait is set to shift its focus onto petrochemical production and develop the industry to an extent that it accounts to 50 percent of the country's income generated from sectors other than oil.
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Iranian petrochemical traders stick to CFR deals to avoid payment troubles

June 5, 2014
Iranian traders of petrochemical products are seeking to avert potential payment troubles in Asia by pricing their deals on a cost and freight basis instead of using the freight on board method.
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SABIC plans crude-to-chemicals facility in Saudi Arabia

May 19, 2014
Saudi Arabia may be the first country in the Middle East to see an operating oil-to-chemicals processing facility.
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Middle East chemical industry to benefit from strategic change

May 12, 2014
The chemical industry will be the fastest growing sector in the Middle East over the next three years, as businesses try to remain competitive by refocusing onto higher-value and niche products.
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GE, Saudi Aramco launch project to improve desalination technologies

April 22, 2014
Saudi Aramco and GE will award a $200,000 grant to the winners of a competition for the best desalination technology ideas that can lower costs and improve efficiencies.
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Report: Middle East oil & gas companies excel at risk management

March 26, 2014
The report examined the comparative risk quality of oil, gas and petrochemical facilities located in the Middle East, in comparison to more than 500 similar facilities globally.
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Total plans to tap into Iraqi petrochemical market

March 18, 2014
French oil company Total is exploring options to expand its presence in the Middle East and tap the growing local market by constructing a large petrochemical complex in Iraq.
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Middle East oil industry key for global growth, expert says

February 25, 2014
Part of the Western world is underestimating the importance of the Middle East as a result of the shale revolution in the United States but this may be too hasty a reaction.
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Israel's Teva to buy NuPathe for $144 million

January 27, 2014
Pennsylvania-based NuPathe specializes in therapeutics for diseases of the central nervous system (CNS), including neurological and psychiatric disorders.
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