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Oil & Gas

Use of fossil fuels — including oil and natural gas — is one of the defining characteristics of our time. Over the last two decades, the emergence of national oil companies and dwindling oil resources have moved the major independent oil and gas companies to tap into more and more unconventional resources, including deepwater subsea, shale plays, tar sands and subsalt. Given its complexity, oil field development is coordinated amongst multiple independent and highly specialized contractors, including industry equipment suppliers; engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) concerns; and service


New York State bans fracking

The decision by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo follows years of debate over the pros and cons of fracking and was based on health concerns.
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Rail transport of crude oil is here to stay, IHS says

New pipelines are being built, but rail will always play a significant role in the transportation of crude oil across the United States and Canada because of its ability to reach refineries unconnected by pipelines.
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Industry forum seeks to reduce environmental impact of fracking

A new forum in the United States aims to reduce the environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.
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Studies reveal major sources of methane emissions from oil and gas sites

Two new studies have identified potentially significant sources of the greenhouse gas methane linked to the oil and gas industry.
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Rosneft to supply Essar refineries in India

Russian oil company Rosneft is to start supplying crude oil and oil products to refineries in India operated by Essar.
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Natural gas power plants not always better than coal-fired plants

Researchers established that power plant efficiency and methane leakage during the supply process are the key factors behind most of the difference in greenhouse gas emissions between individual gas and coal plants.
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US refiners break seasonal records for crude processing

U.S. refineries are processing a record volume of crude oil for this time of year, capitalizing on falling oil prices and a surplus of crude from shale drilling.
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Fracking chemicals harmful to human health, scientific review suggests

A review of more than 150 studies has concluded that exposure to chemicals released in hydraulic fracturing operations may harm human reproduction and development.
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Fuel leak discovered at Mobil refinery in Australia

Mobil shut down a high-pressure pipeline at its Altona refinery in Australia early on Friday morning after a gas leak.
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BOC opens LNG plant in Queensland

Gases, chemicals and equipment supplier BOC opened a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) processing plant in southern Queensland, Australia, on Dec. 2.
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