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Electro Static Technology

Electro Static Technology


Shaft Voltage Test Kit

November 10, 2011
The new AEGIS™ Shaft Voltage Test Kit makes it easier than ever to measure and document damaging VFD-induced voltages while there is still time to head off bearing damage and
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Shaft Grounding Ring Protects Medium-Voltage Motors from Bearing Failure

September 22, 2010
The bearing protection ring extends the life of medium-voltage motors and improves the reliability of systems in which they are used by safely channeling harmful electrical currents away from bearings
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Split-Ring Bearing Protection Ring with Conductive Epoxy Mounting

July 28, 2010
Developed for fast, easy field installation without detaching coupled equipment, the Split-Ring kit offers long-term protection of AC motor bearings from electrical damage, providing a path of least resistance and
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Seal Protects Bearings in VFDs and Other Severe-Duty Motors

February 9, 2010
The seal protects severe-duty motor bearings from harmful VFD-induced shaft currents with a proven shaft grounding ring and from contaminants with an IP56 non-contact seal. The unit is ideally-suited for
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