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Continuous Level Sensor

November 14, 2011
BinMaster Level Controls’ newly designed weight and cable, “bob” style SmartBob-TS1 continuous level sensor with a sealed electronics compartment meets the challenges of dusty environments. This continuous level measurement and
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3D MultiVision Software for Multiple Bin Monitoring

August 1, 2011
BinMaster Level Controls announces the introduction of 3D MultiVision, a Windows-based inventory management software for the 3DLevelScanner that enables users to view data for multiple bins in a single window.
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Sensor for Bins Up to 60 Feet

January 31, 2011
The cable-based sensor is designed for bins up to 60-feet-tall. The continuous level measurement sensor is ideal for operations with multiple, smaller storage and process bins containing powders or bulk
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Rotary with Stainless Steel Process Connection for Corrosive Materials

November 1, 2010
The stainless steel process connection for the company’s rotary level indicators is designed especially for use in corrosive materials. The 304 SS solid stainless steel fitting is available in both
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Extended Rotary for High Level Bin Detection

September 20, 2010
The extended rotaries for top-of-bin mounting can be used when the rotary is used as a high level alarm. These vertically extended rotaries are desirable as solid material will tend
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Baghouse Leak Detection System Promotes Safety

February 15, 2010
The particulate monitoring system is designed for general process and environmental monitoring. Applications for the unit include continuous emissions monitoring, baghouse filter leak detection and process particulate flow monitoring. It
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