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FCI-Fluid Components International

FCI-Fluid Components International


Measuring Flare Gas Within the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme

February 13, 2013
Measuring flare gas emissions in the offshore oil and gas industry is notoriously difficult. In fact, the EU commission recognized this and decided not to apply the same accuracy targets for flare gas as other important gas streams such as fuel gas, which, for Tier 3 is ± 2.5 percent.
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Air/Gas Mass Flow Meter Point Measurement

February 6, 2013
The rugged ST75 Flow Meter from Fluid Components International (FCI) delivers precision flow measurement while reducing the consumption of energy fuel gases, specialty gases and pneumatic air.
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Digester Biogas Flow Measurement

November 22, 2011
Find out how the engineers at a municipal wastewater treatment utility expanded their biogas digester system and sought an improvement over their existing, maintenance-intensive flow metering technology.
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Compact Flow Switch Monitor Optimized for Process Analyzers and Sampling Systems

May 24, 2010
The analyzer flow switch is a small, lightweight instrument featuring low flow sensitivity and a choice of electronic outputs. Analyzer end-users or system integrators will find the unit’s advanced electronics
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Biogas, Landfill Gas, Wastewater Treatment Digester Gas

April 5, 2010
Designed for high performance, the flowmeter is an explosion-proof instrument that is easy-to-install and requires virtually no-maintenance. The unit features a no-moving parts design that operates over a wide flow
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