Spiroflow Systems Rise & Fall Bulk Bag FillerSpiroflow Systems has a long history of developing custom products for unique customer specific applications. One of these recent developments, the Rise and Fall Bulk Bag Filler, was designed specifically to handle fragile fruits and nuts.

The customer originally needed a bag that could rise to just below the outlet of the filling tube in order to fill 660 lb. bags with whole walnuts, providing a soft landing for the fragile products. As the bag filled, it needed to gently lower, or fall, to ensure maximum filling while not damaging the nuts.

This customer was presented with options from other vendors that utilized a filling spout which extended to the bottom of the bulk bag & retracted as the bag filled. This ‘solution’ did little to minimize the length that the fragile nuts fell and therefore did little to minimize breakage. Spiroflow’s design protected the whole walnuts whether they were the first to fill the bulk bag or the last. The Rise & Fall Bulk Bag Filler is now part of Spiroflow’s standard bulk bag filling product line.


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