For more than 25 years, Processing magazine has provided valuable insight into the innovative technologies and services used in the process industries. Every month, more than 70,000 subscribers turn to Processing for the latest information on solutions for the processing environment — including everything from valves & actuators and motors & pumps to control instrumentation and energy-savings equipment solutions.

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Water Technology

Water Technology is committed to providing water treatment professionals with the knowledge that helps them to effectively manage and grow business, developing content through reader visits, consultations with industry insiders and in-depth online surveys. The magazine provides solutions for industrial water across our mulitplatform channels with a fresh perspective.

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Flow Control 

Flow Control is the leading source for fluid handling systems design, maintenance and operation. It focuses exclusively on technologies for effectively moving, measuring and containing liquids, gases and slurries. It aims to serve any industry where fluid handling is a requirement. The magazine is dedicated exclusively to technologies and applications for fluid movement, measurement and containment.

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