Rembe-C-LeverCompact. Precise. Robust. Reliable. Economical.

C-Lever® Direct bulk flow meter is a unique measurement system for free flowing bulk and solids that actually weighs! The C-Lever® Direct has been optimized to be an extremely reliable and precise measuring system for bulks and solids using a unique centrifugal force-based process. In addition to a high degree of accuracy, this unique measuring system offers low overall height for space-limited applications and minimizes installation time.  

The C-Lever® Direct has been used very successfully in a variety of industries and applications for many years. It is suitable for almost any free flowing material, especially in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries where contamination must be avoided and smooth surfaces are mandatory. C-Lever® Direct is perfect for truck pre-loading, controlling and dosing tasks in the bulk goods processing industry.

To learn more about the properties for bulk flow, click below to download our “Booklet on Bulk Flow Control.”