The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) has rolled out a new interactive map of the United States where the public can explore all fracking wells located across the country, including those that are currently being developed, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The map provides data on both onshore and offshore development, giving basic details about each well, including location and type of well, but in most cases does not list the name of the fracking company that operates it. Other important energy facilities, such as pipelines, power plants and fossil fuel resources, are also included in the interactive map. Furthermore, the EIA offers data about various regions and their potential for development of renewable energy and biofuel.

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The interactive map is just the latest addition to the series of online tools that provide information about the U.S. oil and gas industry. The agency aims to offer all necessary details regarding the industry to the general public, in an effort to improve its transparency and reputation. A number of states already require oil and gas companies to disclose the use of chemicals and other additives in their fracking operations via the specialized website.

Several months ago the EIA began to publish monthly reports, revealing the productivity of new wells and the rate at which the productivity of old wells is declining, as well as the overall production of six of the most active drilling plays.