The Windsor Farms Food Group, a major food processing and packing business based in New South Wales, Australia, is closing its doors after 37 years in business, the website SmartCompany reported.

Windsor Farm Foods Group, which provides canned foods, bakery fillings, fruit bars and dry goods, was established originally as the Mushroom Growers (Co-op) society in 1975. Since then, the operation has changed significantly with the acquisition of five business operations including Cowra Canners, Cowra Export Packers and Windsor Farm Foods.

A company spokesman told SmartCompany that the business has ceased operations and investigations are underway to determine the amount of debt. A majority of the company's 140 employees have been laid off, he added.

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"Unfortunately, it has been necessary to cease manufacturing and terminate the workforce without pay. However, a number of key staff will be retained in order to complete specific orders and to undertake certain financial reviews," the spokesperson said.

Many Australian food processing companies have collapsed recently due to competition from cheap foreign imports and supply-side issues, SmartCompany noted.