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Integration of Membrana Ultrafiltration and Gas Transfer Membrane Technologies Produces High Quality Water and Controls Corrosion in Cooling Water System

By incorporating Membrana UF and Gas Transfer Membrane (GTM) a resort customer was able to reduce the risk of contaminating its cooling water and protect other system components from corrosion. The compact systems exceeded performance expectations and reduced maintenance and operating costs while maximizing the available space.

To MACT and Beyond

In the 1970s, FMC Corp., a chemical manufacturer
headquartered in Philadelphia,
began operating a high-efficiency thermal
destruction facility to dispose of hazardous
liquid wastes at its Baltimore pesticide manufacturing

A breath of fresh air

When International Ingredient Corp.’s drying plant in
Monroe,WI, opened in 1994, it was the first plant
designed specifically for large-scale drum drying of
dairy products for the feed industry.

Next Generation Mag Meter Helps Davidson with Non-Revenue Water

As a first step to better understand non-revenue water loss in its distribution network, Davidson Water of Lexington, N.C., replaced Venturi flowmeters in its processing plant with more accurate FPI Mag flowmeters at 14 critical metering points governed by a range of pipe sizes and flow rates. Davidson says the result is a cut in non-revenue water loss from near 17% to only 13%.