Recognizing Dust Hazards in the Workplace — Combustible Dusts and Exposure to Poor Indoor Air Quality

Oct. 25, 2023
A Processing-hosted webchat sponsored by Camfil APC. Now available on demand!

Originally aired October 25, 2023

Now available on demand!

Duration: 30 Minutes

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Join us as an industry professional delves into the crucial topic of identifying hazardous dust conditions in dry bulk processing sites. We will explore two significant risks – poor indoor air quality that exceeds safe worker exposure limits, and combustible dusts that pose explosion threats in the workplace. These hazards are under the governance of OSHA and NFPA guidelines. This web chat will help you understand unsafe conditions in processing facilities, so you can address subpar indoor air quality in your facilities.

Attend to learn:

  • What types of processing generate dangerous dusts
  • Safety risks associated with dust and poor IAQ
  • Combustible dust risks
  • Understanding compliance standards for dust safety
  • Key factors for determining your protection methods


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Gretchen Casteel is a Market Manager for Camfil, APC

Gretchen Casteel is a Market Manager for Camfil, APC. She has 5 years of experience providing dust and mist collection for various applications, especially the automotive and e-mobility spaces. She has helped plan and design solutions that help to ensure safety when dealing with toxic and explosive dusts.


Nate Todd | Senior Editor | Processing Magazine

Nate Todd is a Senior Editor for Processing, focusing on powder and bulk processing coverage.