Power and automation technology group ABB is to upgrade the control systems at Norway’s Kårstø gas-processing complex, equipping the plant with the most modern automation technology available.

The Swiss-based company said on Wednesday that it will provide the latest version of its 800xA safety and automation software under a $15 million contract with Norwegian oil & gas company Statoil and pipeline operator Gassco.

ABB will upgrade the human-machine interface at the plant, including operator stations, system software and servers, with the recently launched sixth version of its 800xA distributed control system (DCS). The software is designed to improve productivity by seamlessly integrating processes, electrical, safety and telecommunications in one system, monitored and controlled from the operator control room environment.

The updated DCS will manage the processing plant’s production of 90 million cubic meters of rich gas a day. It also includes two test systems and three process simulators.

ABB first installed safety and automation systems at Kårstø in 1985. Installation of the new system will be carried out in mid-2016 during the maintenance shutdown that takes place at Kårstø every sixth year.

ABB noted that the latest version of the software enables upgrades at any time in the future, without the need to pause operations.

Kårstø receives gas and condensates from 28 fields in the North Sea, and is the third largest producer of natural gas liquids in the world.