2020 Breakthrough Products Awards winners

Dec. 30, 2020
Processing's annual Breakthrough Products Awards honor innovative technology solutions that made significant contributions to improvements in the process industries within the past year.

Processing serves professionals who are focused on the development, management, maintenance and improvement of industrial processing operations to maximize product quality, output and profitability. With this mission, our annual Processing Breakthrough Products Awards honor innovative technology solutions that made significant contributions to improvements in the process industries within the past year. 

From more than 30 nominations, Processing is proud to present the 10 winners of the 2020 Breakthrough Products Awards. The manufacturers recognized this year introduced solutions that help end users effectively manage tough processing environments, meet stringent safety requirements, reduce unplanned downtime and drive overall profitability.

These awards celebrate major innovations as well as incremental improvements in technology that increase efficiency, productivity, safety and, ultimately, the bottom line.  

Congratulations to the 2020 winners!

CD3 Multi-Diaphragm Metering Pump — Blue-White Industries

The CD3 multi-diaphragm metering pump is designed as a solution for pumping gas-forming chemicals, such as peracetic acid and sodium hypochlorite. The CD3 Dual Diaphragm Hyperlink Drive Technology pumps chemicals continuously, is self-priming and will not vapor lock. The patented ultra-durable diaphragm design will last the life of the pump. This makes the CD3 highly reliable with zero maintenance. The energy-efficient brushless DC variable speed motor helps achieve a large turndown ratio for extreme accuracy. With a flow range of 0.05 to 53 GPH (0.2 to 200 LPH), leak detection, simple installation and setup, and fittings for multiple configuration, the CD3 is able to precisely inject chemicals into a system.

EJA565E Hygienic and Sanitary Transmitter — Yokogawa Corporation of America

Yokogawa’s EJA565E hygienic and sanitary transmitter has been specifically engineered to provide the performance and certifications required for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and other life sciences industries. With a highly polished stainless-steel housing and flush diaphragm that leaves virtually no surface area open for particle accumulation, these transmitters are 3-A Sanitary Standards Inc. (SSI) certified.

The unique active temperature compensation design locates a temperature sensor directly behind the flush isolating diaphragm to quickly react to changing process conditions. While the temperature sensors located in the electronics housings in other transmitters pick up ambient temperature changes, the EJA565E can better detect and compensate for changes to process temperatures. This provides a robust, stable measurement to help ensure quality and safety. Improved control over processes will provide food and beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers higher product quality, faster throughput and safer operations.

With a comprehensive selection of process connections to fit any application, manufacturers can standardize on the EJA565E to simplify equipment needs and reduce their inventory costs, while ensuring regulatory compliance. 

PowerFill Select Bulk Bag Filling System — Material Transfer & Storage, Inc.

The PowerFill Select Bulk Bag Filling System features a pneumatic Power-Lift system for powered fill head height adjustment and an Easy-Load rotary bag hanger system for maximum filling efficiency. These innovative ergonomic features provide effortless bulk bag connection, promote safe operations and reduce operator fatigue.

The operator initiates the filling sequence with a single button, and the bulk bag is automatically inflated, vented and filled to a specified weight. A powered fill head provides bag elongation capability, stretching the seams taut for stable, uniformly filled bags. The filling system automatically engages the Loop-Lok strap support feature, releasing the filled bulk bag. The system is equipped with a dust take-off valve, accepting connection from dust collection systems, for an enhanced level of safety and cleanliness. Locally mounted automated controls provide quick access to system status and critical operational parameters.

The PowerFill Select Bulk Bag Filler is customizable to meet any specific application requirements. It has the highest quality components and construction available in the industry and offers superior filling flexibility. System automation provides reliable filling consistency, promoting improved efficiency for less downtime and a reduced resource requirement.

MAGNES Series Magnetic-Drive Sliding Vane Pump — Blackmer

The MAGNES Series Sliding Vane Magnetic Drive Pump from Blackmer sets a new operational standard through a new magnetic-drive design that makes it the first seal-less sliding vane pump to be truly leak-free. This makes MAGNES Series pumps an ideal solution for handling difficult-to-seal, expensive, valuable, dangerous or hazardous liquids.

The standout innovation in the MAGNES Series pump is the design of its magnetic drive, which features a proprietary containment shell constructed of long carbon fibers embedded in PEEK. This containment-shell design combines the coupling strength of a metallic shell and the reliability of being eddy-current-free.

The pump’s neodymium rare earth magnets are also the strongest available, and their shape, length, positioning and quantity have been optimized for maximized coupling strength with unmatched torque density. The magnet housing has a 1/4-inch threaded port for easy access to leak-detection and thermowell accessories, with provisions for jacking studs, which are used to disassemble and reassemble the coupling. This optimized seal-less magnetic drive design, along with the proven performance of sliding vane pumps, makes the MAGNES Series a noteworthy alternative to commonly used centrifugal and gear pump technologies. 

Liquiphant  FTL51B point level instrument — Endress+Hauser

The Liquiphant FTL51B vibrating fork level instrument is specialized for the process industry and designed to meet the needs of processors’ transitions into the industrial internet of things (IIoT). The FTL51B features Industry 4.0 and IIoT capabilities, including access via wireless Bluetooth technology, automatic proof tests and verification, and easy commissioning via a mobile device. In addition, operational clarity is provided by a high-visibility LED.

The Liquiphant FTL51B can be used in storage tanks, containers and pipes for point level detection of all types of liquids. In the oil and gas sector, refineries rely on vibronic instruments because they are among the most reliable of measuring instruments. This allows these devices to be used in critical applications such as overfill protection and pump dry run prevention. The FTL51B’s vibronic sensor is not affected by changing media properties, flow, turbulence, gas bubbles, foam, vibration or build-up. The instrument works in process temperatures of -58°F to 302°F (-50°C to 150°C) and pressures up to 1,450 psi (100 bar). It can be used in SIL2 and SIL3 hazardous locations and has built-in automatic maintenance and verification functions.

The FTL51B has transformed traditional vibronic point level technology from simple discreet level indication to a proactive component of a processor’s overall level strategy. Not only does it provide a traditional, simple-to-install/commission and reliable point level indication, the FTL51B also reduces operational cost and allows processors to visualize the status of their plant.

GB Series Ball Valve — Swagelok Company

The Swagelok GB Series Ball Valve brings added safety and simplified installation to high-flow applications for the oil, gas and process control industries. The full-bore, bidirectional flow-capable valve is engineered to provide high flow rates at a working pressure of 6,000 psig (413 bar) while simplifying installation, minimizing rework requirements and delivering the reliable shutoff performance needed to keep workers safe and systems operating efficiently in a variety of demanding applications.

The versatile Swagelok GB Series Ball Valve can be widely deployed as a general-purpose ball valve and is designed for extended operation in harsh environments. Examples of ideal applications for the valve include hydraulic, injection and fire suppression systems in the oil and gas industry; isolation for compressed natural gas vehicle infrastructure; and isolation in highly corrosive alkylation operations in the chemical and petrochemical industry.

The valve’s operating temperature ranges from -40°F to 248°F (-40°C to 120°C), and its flow coefficient (Cv) ranges from 3.8 to 40. The valve features a PEEK seat and is available in a variety of materials, such as 316 stainless steel and alloys 6-Moly, 2507, 625, 825 and C-276. Its end connection sizes range from 3/8 to 1 inch (12 to 25 mm).


The SAS-P is designed specifically for horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps in nonhazardous services. It is a complete system that incorporates two shaft-supporting bushings and a lantern ring. It is a noncontact tandem seal that uses air to seal and water to flush/clean the stuffing box/seal chamber. The SAS-P is ideal for the pulp and paper, food and beverage, municipal water/wastewater, mining and chemical industries. 

The seal is impervious to traditional system conditions that are considered pump/seal killers, such as:

  • Pipe strain
  • Misalignment
  • Off-BEP operation
  • Cavitation 

The SAS-P’s split design allows the system to be installed without any equipment removal or breakdown. It contains no internal springs, which are often sources of failure in mechanical seals. The system can withstand 0.25 inches of radial movement and unlimited axial movement. Mechanical seals can only handle 0.003 to 0.005 inches of movement before spring failure. The system only has four major components to install, so installation is simplified.

The SAS-P has already solved problems in the field and is a game changer. Process fluid with high solids content makes sealing with traditional packing or mechanical seals a challenge that may result in leakage, damaged seals, fretted shafts and further pump and bearing damage. The SAS-P prevents these problems and provides a leak-free solution. 

TrendHub — TrendMiner

TrendMiner’s totally revamped TrendHub (2020.R2) sets new standards in self-service industrial analytics in usability for operational experts, streamlining data-driven decisions for production process performance optimization. A new user interface supports operational experts in solving production issues quickly with big time-series data analysis.

TrendHub enables production experts to analyze, monitor and predict operational performance using sensor-generated time-series data. An extended inbox is triggered by user-created process performance monitors with an in-app notification center informing users of background operations, including work item sharing, status updates of context items imports and exports and OSIsoft PI AF/EF synchronizations, and notifications of off-line monitors. All improvements support global collaboration and use of the platform for 24/7 automated process monitoring.

Ease-of-use for users is crucial for the successful democratization of analytics. TrendHub reflects many improvement ideas and feature requests from users, including the new interface — the result of collaboration among users, customer success engineers and customers. The new trend analysis client helps process and asset experts analyze production processes and improve operational performance to address fast-changing market demands.

AMS Asset Monitor — Emerson

The AMS Asset Monitor is an edge analytics device that increases visibility of essential asset health. CHARMs-based vibration and process data collection and intuitive analytics features are combined in a small form factor that can be installed directly on an asset in the field. On-site mounting can be completed by a plant’s own personnel, eliminating installation costs. Wired or WiFi Ethernet connectivity significantly reduces cabling requirements and associated cost, making it easy and affordable to monitor nearly any asset. The AMS Asset Monitor accommodates up to 12 CHARMs for vibration and process inputs, and units can be daisy-chained together to monitor even larger systems.

The AMS Asset Monitor is constructed with a robust industrial design and is rated to operate in hazardous areas, making it useful in nearly any environment. An intuitive, browser-based interface allows monitoring of assets from any web-enabled device. Built-in application logic and default alerts make it easy for organizations to collect and analyze the data they need right at the industrial edge.

Clamp Type Sterile Visual Flow Indicator — LJ Star        

The Clamp Type Sterile Visual Flow Indicator, or CT-SVFI, offers safe, reliable and effective process viewing for highly hygienic applications. By using sanitary clamps instead of relying on threads, the patent-pending design of the CT-SVFI prevents o-ring warping, which is one of the leading causes of process contamination. The mechanical stop design of these clamps applies controlled o-ring compression, eliminating o-ring warping, intrusions and crevices that can trap bacteria and other harmful contaminants.

Due to its highly engineered design, this innovative visual flow indicator offers superior hygienic control, lower maintenance costs and faster installation times than other process viewing equipment. By mitigating the risk of contamination build-up, the CT-SVFI requires less maintenance and system downtime to maintain clean operations. The CT-SVFI can be mounted in-line for high-purity/sanitary/hygienic/sterile applications in the pharmaceutical, food/beverage processing and biotech industries. No matter the pipeline fluid or powder flow, LJ Star’s new visual flow indicator can provide a clear view of virtually any process. With the combination of its hygienic design and operational capability, the CT-SVFI — which also has the largest possible viewing area in its class — offers a safe and dependable means of process observation that’s superior to any other process viewing option on the market. 

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