2023 Breakthrough Products Awards winners

Dec. 18, 2023
Processing's annual Breakthrough Products Awards honor innovative technology solutions that made significant contributions to improvements in the process industries within the past year.
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Processing serves professionals who are focused on the development, management, maintenance and improvement of industrial processing operations to maximize product quality, output and profitability. With this mission, our annual Breakthrough Products Awards honor innovative technology solutions that made significant contributions to improvements in the process industries within the past year. 

Processing is proud to present the 10 winners of the 2023 Breakthrough Products Awards. The manufacturers recognized this year introduced solutions that help end users effectively manage tough processing environments, meet stringent safety requirements, reduce unplanned downtime and drive overall profitability.

These awards celebrate major innovations as well as incremental improvements in technology that increase efficiency, productivity, safety and, ultimately, the bottom line.  

Congratulations to the 2023 winners!

Versatilis Transmitters

Honeywell Process Solutions

Honeywell’s Versatilis Transmitters help meet the needs for effective condition-based monitoring of rotating equipment, including pumps, motors, compressors, fans, blowers and gearboxes. The device collects real-time data and provides users with key insights that can improve safety, reliability and efficiency, all adding new value for companies across various industries. The transmitters combine best-in-class MEMS (micro electro-mechanical system)-based sensing technology with a low-power design, open and secure wireless communication technologies, and user-friendly installation and operation. Honeywell Versatilis Transmitters measure 3 Axis vibration, surface temperature, acoustics and ambient environmental parameters to help predict rotary equipment anomalies.

Seeq Process Health Solution

Seeq Corporation

In an era of heightened digital transformation and sustainability goals, there is an increasing need for user-friendly advanced analytics solutions that extract value from time series data. The Seeq Process Health Solution (PHS) accelerates process insights by putting the power of multivariate analytics and sophisticated machine learning in the hands of process industry frontlines. The Seeq PHS increases the ability of industrial organizations to meet production targets when facing complex, multivariate process problems. This turnkey, no code AI/ML offering combines Seeq Workbench Add-ons, displays, templates and implementation support to:

  • Monitor for process anomalies that indicate potential problems for targeted throughput, quality or yield.
  • Identify cause and effect relationships in the process in order to take impactful action.

This is enabled within the Seeq platform with extended software capability in the form of:  

  • Seeq ML, an advanced Add-on capability within Seeq Workbench that provides multivariate modeling for anomaly detection and root cause identification that requires no prior machine learning expertise from the user.
  • Multivariate visualizations that provide instant insight around simultaneous contributing actors and the interactions amongst them
  • Integrated solution templates, which accelerate deployment time and provide streamlined workflows, views, and summarized results.

Micro Motion G-Series Coriolis Flow and Density Meter


The Micro Motion G-Series Coriolis Flow and Density Meter is ideally suited for process monitoring and optimization applications across all industries, including chemical, food and beverage, and life sciences, and OEMs which require high measurement performance (0.1% liquid flow, 5kg/m3 density) and advanced process and health diagnostics. It is the most compact dual-tube Coriolis mass flow meters on the market with line sizes available from ¼-inch to 3-inch, allowing installation and use even when available space is limited. Although Coriolis meters do not require upstream or downstream straight pipe runs like many other flow measurement technologies, some models have a larger footprint, limiting their use in confined spaces. Emerson’s new meters address this issue with a face-to-face dimension of less than 12 inches for the 1-inch line size model. The ultracompact form factor is complemented by a significant reduction in weight, providing benefits for transportation, installation and safety. 

BioProTT FlowSU System

PSG Biotech

The BioProTT FlowSU System is a next-generation flow-measurement system that has been designed for single-use biopharma applications from the laboratory to commercial-scale production. The “Ready. Connect. Flow.” design and capabilities of the FlowSU System revolve around an innovative disposable single-use sensor that eliminates the need for individual calibration and can be easily integrated into most standard manifolds while performing flow measurement and air-in-line detection tasks simultaneously. The innovative design of the BioProTT FlowSU System enables smart-and-easy flow-measurement integration through a number of best-in-class features, many of which are industry firsts:

  • Easy spec-in, setup and scalability.
  • Compatibility with most common biopharma applications, including TFF and chromatography.
  • Standard single-use sensor constructed of USP Class VI-rated material that is available in different sizes fitting all in the same transmitter, which makes upscaling and downscaling as easy as possible.
  • Innovative locking mechanism that allows easy exchange of sensors and integration into manifolds.
  • Sensor’s dual ability to simultaneously measure flow and detect air-in-line in real-time.
  • Angle-free, straight-through flow path for seamless integration and highly accurate, shear-free operation.
  • Panel-mounted reusable holder profile with integrated electronics, ultrasonic technology and Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability.
  • Cableless sensor connections.
  • Toolless locking attachment with special locking technology.
  • Little to no maintenance due to single-use technology.
  • Holder station compatible with every sensor size.

Asset Performance Management Solution

Aspen Technology

AspenTech's Asset Performance Management (APM) solution empowers asset-centric organizations to enhance asset availability, ensure performance, maintain product quality and reduce operational costs and risks. AspenTech’s APM solution aggregates data from diverse sources, including sensors, yield metrics and product quality parameters, enabling real-time process and equipment monitoring. Utilizing advanced methodologies such as rules-based analysis, multivariate analysis, custom codes and cutting-edge AI/ML, it actively identifies opportunities to enhance equipment reliability and performance through Aspen Mtell, optimize process performance via Aspen ProMV, and evaluate risk/reward with Aspen Fidelis. The latest release (V14) empowers maintenance, reliability, process engineers and operations teams by delivering real-time visibility into process and equipment health, along with early and actionable insights for faster decision making to prevent disruptions. It closely monitors multiple operating parameters, detects behavioral changes among these variables and identifies leading indicators to predict process or equipment risks. Solution ensures assets stay available, meet quality targets and estimates financial impact of risks for cost clarity. Created by experts with extensive domain knowledge, AspenTech's APM solution offers a competitive advantage by boosting throughput, reducing operational costs, enhancing productivity and upholding safety standards without significant capital investments.

Sanitary Weigh Belt Feeder

Vibra Screw Inc.

The Vibra Screw Model VMWT-100-24 is a low-to-medium-capacity weigh belt feeder or integrator that is ideal for minor ingredient additives in pharmaceutical, food and chemical processing environments. Its cantilevered mechanical design provides for quick belt removal and easy maintenance. It is designed to eliminate material build-up, ensuring high accuracy and reliability. The unique weighing system reduces dead load and applies live load directly to the weighing mechanism. Product features include:

  • Ideal for sanitary applications.
  • Cantilevered mechanical design provides for no tools disassembly.
  • Quick belt removal and easy maintenance.
  • Unique belt tracking system that eliminates the need to adjust pulley take-up tension.
  • Designed to eliminate material build-up, assures reliability and high accuracy.
  • Available in various sizes to meet specific application needs.

dataPARC Historian


The dataPARC Historian holds significant value in process industries embarking on their digital transformation journey. Plants are transitioning from outdated paper logs and Excel sheets to accessing historical data for reducing waste and improving production. With the dataPARC Historian, users gain the ability to efficiently access and analyze historical data, empowering them to make data-driven decisions. This accessibility plays a vital role in driving changes and reducing waste throughout the plant. The dataPARC Historian stands out as a solution that securely provides accessible data at every level, enabling improved operational efficiency. The dataPARC Historian was developed as the next-generation, modernized solution, aiming to be faster, easier to manage and more efficient. With a focus on providing access and control to users, dataPARC ensures that “it's your data, and you should have access to it.” The dataPARC Historian holds immense potential for various process industries and its versatile application extends beyond historical data analysis, encompassing process optimization, quality control and regulatory compliance.

Pro-M Electromagnetic Flowmeter

VorTek Instruments

Using Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction, Pro-M Electromagnetic Flowmeters offer accurate and reliable volumetric flow metering of a variety of conductive liquids. Unaffected by the temperature, pressure, density or viscosity of the liquid, these meters provide a level of measurement stability unmatched among flow metering technologies. The full-bore design does not create a pressure loss and has no moving parts for a maintenance-free design. The Pro-M design incorporates an assortment of electrode and liner material options to provide application flexibility across industries. Meter sizes are offered for pipe sizes of ½-inch through 80 inches. For demanding applications, a high accuracy option of up to ±0.2% of rate meets the most stringent accuracy requirements. Pro-M meters offer an array of communication and power options. In addition to providing traditional communication methods such as analog output signals, Pro-M meters also offer advanced communication options such as Modbus RTU and HART. With the addition of external temperature inputs, these meters can provide a reliable thermal energy (BTU) measurement.

Hygienic Valve Indicator

Alfa Laval

The Alfa Laval ThinkTop V20 hygienic valve indication unit is driving digital transformation within the process industries. With automation, digitalization and real-time communication, the ThinkTop V20 raises the bar on process control, making it more reliable and accurate while saving time and money on installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance. The ThinkTop V20 is the first pure valve-sensing unit that is maintenance-free and does not require manual adjustment or programming. It enables 360° LED visual status indication from all directions. It also provides convenient control-room monitoring of the real-time status of Alfa Laval hygienic valves used across the dairy, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries. Purpose-designed to digitalize essential on-off valve monitoring, the ThinkTop V20 sensing unit provides a pragmatic approach to enhancing the reliability of valve status and position. This new addition to the advanced Alfa Laval ThinkTop V-series paves the way to a higher level of process control for manufacturers who rely on visual and signal feedback of the open or closed valve positions.

Electric-Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

Graco Inc.

The next-generation QUANTM electric-operated double diaphragm pump features a revolutionary new electric motor design that is up to eight times more efficient than a standard pneumatic pump. The QUANTM pump is suitable for nearly any fluid transfer application and offers a wide range of materials of construction to support multiple industrial and hygienic applications, including chemical processing, water treatment, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and more. The QUANTM pump is designed to be a highly reliable drop-in replacement for current pneumatic pumps. The pump is built for harsh industrial or hygienic environments, yet its innovative and efficient design is lightweight and easy to maintain. With built-in controls and no gearbox, the pump also fits seamlessly into most fluid transfer applications.

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