New combustion and emissions control technology is to be installed in a refinery in Bakersfield, California, that has been out of use since 1984, allowing the facility to start operating again.

Tricor Refining, LLC, has signed an agreement with ClearSign Combustion Corporation for field validation of its Duplex technology at the Bakersfield plant.

The company will retrofit a 15 MMBtu/hr vertical cylindrical refinery heater incorporating ClearSign's patent-pending Duplex technology, before recommissioning the plant.

ClearSign's Duplex burner architecture adds a ducted ceramic tile above a standard burner, turning a single large flame into thousands of tiny, more easily controlled flames. This reduces flame length by more than 80%, resulting in operational improvements that include increased thermal capacity, a more balanced fuel/air blend and reduced operating costs, the company claims.

According to ClearSign, its solution offers the potential to achieve ultra-low nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions and optimize the performance of Tricor's existing equipment. This will bring a stranded asset back online, increasing plant capacity and profitability while meeting stringent environmental requirements in a cost-effective manner.

NOx pollution contributes to the formation of ground-level ozone and fine particle pollution. It can cause or worsen respiratory disease, such as emphysema and bronchitis, and can aggravate existing heart disease. NOx emissions are restricted under national clean air standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

"Our recent traction with organizations like Tricor underscores that ClearSign is bringing a transformative technology to the oil and gas market," commented Stephen Pirnat, CEO of ClearSign. "Shifting economics and evolving environmental regulations are aligning to create a real need for the unique benefits realized by Duplex technology."

ClearSign's supply chain partner Advanced Combustion and Process Controls, Inc., which specializes in combustion control systems and process control technology, will oversee the Tricor installation.