U.S.-based water recycling specialist CH2M HILL is working in partnership with the Singapore Public Utilities Board and Singapore Cooperation Enterprise to establish a safe and sustainable water supply in Jaipur, India.

The city is facing a water crisis after rapid urbanization and population growth. In recent years Jaipur has been relying on groundwater resources due to pollution, urban encroachment and climate change, all of which have impacted the quality and availability of its traditional surface water resources.

However, over-extraction and gradual pollution of the groundwater mean that the city's water resources are under threat and in the future its water supply is expected to become much more scarce, while quality continues to degrade.

Similar issues have been tackled successfully in Singapore through diversification of its water supply — the so-called "Four National Taps" strategy — which includes programs to recycle and reuse treated wastewater.

Under the new agreement, CH2M HILL and its partners from Singapore will provide technical and integrated water management leadership services to the Rajasthan state government through the Public Health and Environment Department (PHED) for the city of Jaipur.

"Through this programme, Singapore's water management technology and project implementation experience will be shared with Rajasthan government and the PHED officials," said CH2M HILL vice president and lead for the program, Vinod Singh. "CH2M HILL is pleased to help deliver this programme by providing full access to our thought and knowledge leaders in integrated water resource management, drinking water treatment quality, public/stakeholder engagement and advanced water recycling. The success and learnings of our similar projects for larger cities, such as Delhi and Bengaluru, will be leveraged. This will benefit Jaipur city to help diversify its water resources portfolio."