A new project in Denmark will examine how pharmaceutical ingredients are affected by temperature and humidity during transportation.

University of Copenhagen researchers, working with industry partners and supported by the Danish innovation fund Innovationsfonden, will conduct research into how powder materials and dry ingredients for pharmaceutical products can be can be manufactured in an optimal way and withstand long-distance shipment.

“Pharmaceuticals consist of particles in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some pharmaceuticals may be negatively affected by physical factors such as high temperatures and moisture,” said Professor Jukka Rantanen of the University of Copenhagen’s Department of Pharmacy. “The new project allows us to conduct research into how we can produce safe and stable pharmaceuticals capable of withstanding being exported over large distances and still have the desired function.”

The ultimate aim of the research project is to help the Danish pharmaceutical industry address the challenges related to exporting dry products to new growth markets with high humidity and temperatures.

“The project is intended to provide us with a better understanding of powder, its material characteristics and its behavior. When we have this knowledge, we can make sure that our products rank among the best in the world,” Rantanen said. “Doing research and developing new compounds is one thing, but the new knowledge about powder properties will secure us a place among the best manufacturers of pharmaceuticals. This will also ensure that the production of pharmaceuticals will remain in Denmark, and, in this way, the project will also benefit our students in terms of securing future jobs and retention of talents.”