Photo copyright Linde Process Plants, Inc.Linde Process Plants (LPP), part of gases and engineering company The Linde Group, is to expand its manufacturing facility located at the Tulsa Port of Catoosa in Oklahoma.

At present the facility is comprised of two fabrication shops and two office buildings, together with outdoor staging, assembly and storage areas. The office personnel on site include workshop management, project management, workshop safety, quality control and administrative staff.

The company revealed last week that it would invest $2.4 million in the expansion, which will provide more space for the trial fitting area and add a new office building.

This comes as a result of recent and anticipated future growth as well as the desire to improve safety.

The trial fitting area is where LPP makes sure modules have been fabricated according to specifications before shipping them to customers. Expanding this space will result in "improved productivity, quality control measures and most importantly safety," explained Eric Sandefur, director of manufacturing.

The new office building, meanwhile, will include state-of-the-art safe rooms, providing a safe haven for office workers. Employees in the workshop already have access to an existing safe room.

LPP expects to complete the new 13,000 square foot structure in June 2015.

LPP currently employs approximately 140 people at the Port of Catoosa location, and plans to increase that number to 160 by the end of the year.