Water management solutions provider Metito has entered into a joint venture and exclusive license agreement with startup company Biopipe to market a new pipe-based wastewater treatment system in Asia and Africa.

Biopipe’s patented system is claimed to be the world’s first biological wastewater treatment pipe. It uses a simple process to treat wastewater inside the pipe, before the wastewater passes through a filtration stage to complete the treatment. The treated water can then be used directly for organic farming, irrigation, underground aquifer injection or safe discharge into lakes, rivers or sea, or alternatively stored in a clean water tank for later use.

According to Metito, unlike traditional wastewater systems, Biopipe produces no sludge, no odor, no sound and no waste.

Fady Juez, managing director of Metito, said: “The Biopipe wastewater treatment system really is a game changer. In an era when the world is looking to enhance water security and sustainability, enabling individuals to manage and treat their wastewater at an affordable cost is critical to widening the awareness of looking after our resources.

“Biopipe is an intelligent wastewater treatment solution that can be easily installed in a house as well as integrated into a plant to service an entire city. This really is revolutionary and I am confident that Metito will help globalize Biopipe. We have the experience, the capabilities and the right network in place to drive this through and to ensure that Biopipe becomes more suitable for a wider range of applications in a variety of emerging markets, both in Asia and Africa.”