A new aluminum/foam liner for screwcaps on wine bottles has been introduced by packaging company Tekni-Plex, Inc., which claims that the product offers performance, cost and environmental benefits.

Tri-Vin is a laminated aluminum foil/foam barrier liner for the widely used roll-on, pilfer proof (ROPP) wine closure, designed to deliver performance attributes that support wine aging and drinkability.

Produced by Tri-Seal, a division of Tekni-Plex, the liner has been developed as an alternative to the higher-cost tin/Saran barrier liners commonly used for ROPP wine applications.

According to the manufacturer, an independent laboratory has conducted permeation tests on the liner and sensory organoleptic testing has been carried out by the Australian Wine Research Institute to confirm that it preserves the aroma and taste of the wine.

“We invested significant resources to develop a cost-effective wine liner with the performance characteristics of tin/Saran liners, while preserving aroma and taste,” explained David Andrulonis, vice president and general manager of Tekni-Plex. “We designed the Tri-Vin liner to perform in the correct oxygen sensitivity range, allowing wine makers to cost-effectively maintain the drinkability window for consumers. Additionally, the structure is halogen and chlorine free, which is environmentally desirable.”

As well as wine, the liner can be used for a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.