Industry Tools & Resources: Danfoss deploys CO₂ training unit; FSA releases piping handbook

June 7, 2017

Danfoss will hold open house and training sessions on the opportunities and challenges surrounding the use of CO₂.

Danfoss deploys mobile training unit for CO applications

To help address the growing need to increase competences around use for CO₂ refrigeration systems in the industry, Danfoss developed the Mobile CO 2 Mobile Training Unit. The unit will be on display this summer at the ATMOsphere America Conference in San Diego, California, June 5-7; at Source Refrigeration & HVAC Training Center in Anaheim, California, June 14-29; and at DC Engineering in Meridian, Idaho, July 10-20. Danfoss will hold "open house" sessions to observe the training unit’s equipment and components for CO₂ solutions, as well as hands-on training sessions on the natural refrigerant’s properties and the opportunities and challenges surrounding the use of CO₂.

FSA launches mechanical seals web tool/Publishes piping handbook

The Fluid Sealing Association (FSA)  launched a new website feature, KnowledgeBase, offering more than 35 files of content and videos to educate and inform users on product design and materials for construction as well as the proper specification, application, and maintenance of the products. The content is developed and maintained by the members of the FSA Mechanical Seals Division as a service to manufacturers and users of mechanical seals.

The Piping Expansion Joint Division of the FSA has released the 8th edition of the Piping Handbook, titled Piping Expansion Joints Technical Handbook. The revised handbook provides up-to-date compilations of construction standards and guides for specifying and purchasing non-metallic expansion joints and flexible pipe connectors. The handbook is based on the latest information on research, design and application of rubber (elastomer) expansion joints by engineers associated with the FSA’s Expansion Joint Division member companies. The handbook can be downloaded for free here.

Responses sought for $1M Circular Materials Challenge

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, in partnership with global innovation firm NineSigma, launched the Circular Materials Challenge to make all plastic packaging recyclable. The program calls on innovators, scientists and entrepreneurs around the world to help fundamentally rethink the way plastics are used so that they do not become waste in the first place. The $1 million in grants will be shared equally by up to five winners. Winners of the challenge will also have access to The New Plastics Economy Innovation Accelerator, a 12-month program offering exclusive connections with industry experts, commercial guidance, feedback on user and scalability requirements, advice on performance expectations, and entry to innovation labs for testing and development. Responses to the Circular Materials Challenge are due by October 20, at 5 p.m. EST. Solution providers can submit proposals through NineSigma’s Open Innovation community.

M-WERC seeks applications for WERCBench Labs

M-WERC  is accepting applications for the fall 2017 WERCBench Labs Program. The company plans to recruit up to 10 startup teams. WERCBench Labs is an entrepreneurial immersive technology program providing an opportunity for startups to interact directly with M-WERC’s roster of technical mentors, as well as access to the company’s member companies, instructors, newly created lab and prototyping facilities and small-scale production equipment. The 12-week program consists of an aggressive customer discovery and business model canvas exploration, with classes running from September through November, and a Demo Day in mid-December. Full application packages can be requested by emailing [email protected]. Completed applications must be submitted online  by midnight CDT Friday, June 30.

HEI updates standards for air-cooled condensers

The Heat Exchange Institute (HEI) released Standards for Air Cooled Condensers (ACCs), 2nd edition. The report covers specification and design recommendations along with performance and operational issues associated with air-cooled condensers for power plant applications. The standard includes typical purchaser requirements and manufacturers’ experience, and highlights the important design criteria for air-cooled condensers.The new edition is available at

Hydraulic Institute creates new rating label

Because power pumps use more than a quarter of the electricity in the U.S., the Hydraulic Institute (HI) developed the HI Energy Rating (ER) Label program to help manufacturers differentiate their higher efficiency products and provide ways for commercial and industrial customers to save energy. The rating label identifies energy-efficient pumps and provides a tool for the developers of energy efficiency programs, electric utilities, distributors, and customers to identify energy-saving products.  The pumps with the higher ER rating will provide greater energy savings than similar pumps with lower ratings.

IHS Markit, Impact Energy, Swiss Government partner on energy efficiency

IHS Markit partnered with the Swiss Federal Office of Energy and Impact Energy to build a new market intelligence program involving electric motors and variable frequency drives (VFDs), called Project “Topmotors Market Data Switzerland.” The project aims to minimize adverse effects and assure associated industry players are represented as the Swiss government makes important decisions toward promoting a sustainable environment.

Consumer-based monitoring network creates global air quality map

AirVisual equipped engaged citizens in communities around the world with accessible and connected air monitors to facilitate the first real-time public air pollution measurements. Launched in 2016, the AirVisual Node air quality monitor empowers users to broadcast their local readings onto the global air quality map, providing a worldwide network of connected sensors

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