Product Focus: New products

July 31, 2020
New equipment and technologies from ABB, Endress+Hauser, Saint-Gobain and KNF Neuberger.


Endress+Hauser recently launched its SRP700 Asset Health Monitoring Solution, a pre-engineered software-based solution for Rockwell Automation systems and tailored for various industries. The solution accesses field instrumentation diagnostics and presents it in an easily readable format to plant personnel, improving transparency, reducing maintenance costs and increasing plant availability. The SRP700 runs on traditional hardware or in a virtual machine environment and is comprised of a central monitor and gateway, a standard client for device configuration management as well as a mobile client, and the field-proven Field Xpert SMT70 IP65/Class 1 Div 2 industrial tablet. It is used to access and acquire data from a variety of field devices, primarily analyzers and instruments. A KPI Dashboard (optional) presents diagnostics, history, statistics and other information in an easily readable format.

Plant personnel can use the SRP700 to:

  • Take actions on diagnostic data provided by devices
  • Connect to devices for troubleshooting and configuration
  • See actual and past diagnostic data with corrective measures related with time stamps
  • Analyze historical device diagnostic data


ABB's AXW 5000 and 5800 motors offer more horsepower per pound than conventional totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motors but with a smaller frame size. This helps save space, up to eight inches in overall length in some cases, which enables more compact installations. Advantages of AXW motors include higher power densities, smaller overall footprint size, reduction of noise, constant cooling on variable speed drive applications to extend speed and power ranges, and reductions of heat in the surrounding environment. For harsh, contaminate-filled environments, the AXW is perfectly suited for continuous operation, due to the consistent cooling of the water jacket surrounding the motor. The main terminal box and auxiliary box can be mounted in several positions to ensure installation and maintenance are easy. This also means fewer spares are needed, which saves money. The rigid frame design increases stability so that the motor has very low vibrations and can meet stringent vibration limit specifications.


Versilon XFR hose combines ergonomic handling and easy cleaning in a single lightweight, extra-flexible suction and discharge hose. The smooth, convoluted blue outer cover is abrasion-resistant and easy to wash down, making it ideal for food processing applications. The inner bromobutyl tube reduces the risk of flavor contamination and is compatible with many types of food products such as beer, wine and milk. With a lower weight per foot than traditional suction and discharge hoses, Versilon XFR is easy to bend and attach to pumps and tanks.


KNF's new N 630 diaphragm vacuum/compressor pump series delivers high pressure and gas tightness with a durable, long-life design. Four versions are available for use in industrial coolant systems, gas recycling, gas and emissions measurement/analysis, and leak detection across a wide variety of industries, including chemical processing. With a long service life, vacuum down to 0.74 inHg (25 mbar abs), positive pressure up to 174 psig (12 bar rel) and a flow rate up to 2.4 CFM (68 L/min), the N 630 series offers impressive, highly versatile performance. The cost-efficient and reliable diaphragm gas pumps are available in four variants: either one- or two-headed and connected in series or parallel, as a vacuum pump, or as a compressor. All models come with long-lasting EPDM or chemically resistant PTFE-coated diaphragms for exceptional durability and service life.

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