Exhibitor commitment drives expansion of PACK EXPO Connects

Sept. 1, 2020
PACK EXPO Connects adds additional international live demos and extends event hours.
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Herndon, Va.; Sept. 1, 2020 (PMMI release) — Due to overwhelming demand, event producer PMMI Media Group has extended exhibit hours for the inaugural PACK EXPO Connects (Nov. 9-13), adding an additional hour to each day for attendees to visit suppliers’ showrooms and view live demos.

“Both customers and suppliers in the packaging industry look forward to PACK EXPO each year. As a machinery supplier, any virtual event linked with the PACK EXPO name is something we know we need to be a part of,” says Dustin Lee, director of sales, Morrison Container Handling Systems. “In our ever-evolving world, we have to be agile and continue to adapt. It may feel different but using this virtual platform to come together at PACK EXPO Connects is an opportunity to grow our business in this new innovative way.” 

Long time PACK EXPO exhibitor Dorner Manufacturing is also intrigued and enthusiastic about the prospects of the web-based PACK EXPO Connects.

“As Dorner works to adapt our marketing strategy through these challenging times, selecting and then participating in the right virtual events is essential,” says Matt Jones, vice president, Dorner Mfg. Corp. “An event with the cache and name recognition of PACK EXPO is sure to bring the packaging community together to educate, enlighten and even entertain target customers seeking our products for their applications.”

With nearly 500 exhibitors already committed, live showroom hours will now run Monday through Thursday, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. CST and Friday 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. CST. PACK EXPO Connects will bring together a full range of solution providers – minimizing the time and effort necessary for attendees to find answers to real-world packaging and processing challenges. PACK EXPO Connects has been designed to foster interactions between CPGs and suppliers with an intuitive, state-of-the-art virtual platform that makes live engagement easy. See list of exhibitors to-date, here.

“We are excited by the level of support we’re getting from exhibitors who are eager to share their technologies through this new platform,” says Dave Newcorn, senior vice president, digital and data, PMMI Media Group. “To ensure the greatest possible access for both exhibitors and their customers, we are expanding exhibit hours for PACK EXPO Connects. And, despite the expanded inventory, we expect live demo slots will fill up soon.”

International demo hours have also been added each day, to expand PACK EXPO Connects global reach. International demos will be broadcasting at 10:00 a.m. China Standard time (10:00 p.m. CT) and 10:00 am Greenwich Mean time (4:00 a.m. CT). These time slots will enable exhibitors to demonstrate their solutions and enjoy live interaction with attendees who reside outside the Western Hemisphere. In addition, all education sessions will be available on demand for international attendees to watch at times convenient to them. Spanish language closed captioning will also be provided for specific content and interviews with industry newsmakers.

“PACK EXPO Connects is shaping up to be the most innovative and engaging industry event this year,” says Jim Pittas, president & CEO, PMMI. “We are so happy that the research and effort invested in this debut event is receiving such an enthusiastic response. We look forward to bringing PACK EXPO Connects to the packaging and processing community.”

Attendee registration opens on Sept. 15. To sign up to exhibit or learn more, visit packexpoconnects.com.        

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