Braincube now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

April 21, 2022
Alliance will fast-track industrials' ability to use data for improved business performance with instant access to apps to derive insights from data.
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PORTLAND, Maine — April 21, 2022 (Braincube release) — Braincube, a leading global IIoT platform and advanced business app suite dedicated to manufacturers, announced the availability of Braincube’s ready-to-use Data Visualization app package suite as an offering within the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Data visualization apps democratize information across the plant. Typically, building dashboards, reports or other easy-to-comprehend visuals require coding skills, yet these apps allow all employees to have convenient, easy-to-use tools that save them time and upskill their abilities.

Braincube is bringing data, knowledge and key optimizations to the shop floor, and now companies can ensure data is readily consumable for employees and customers alike from any device.

“We have been using Braincube for 10 years and they have been a great partner for us during this time,” says GK Lee, process and data analytics manager at OFI. “Braincube led the 'innovation' of using cloud-based technology before it was even popular. With the move to Azure Cloud, the infrastructure is easy to maintain and we can roll out new plants rapidly. Braincube is driving innovation in the data analytics and AI space and we are delighted to have Braincube as a strategic partner as we navigate along our journey to Industry 4.0."

Microsoft Azure Marketplace is an online market for buying and selling cloud solutions certified to run on Azure. The Marketplace connects companies to innovative, cloud-based solutions with partners who have developed solutions that are ready to use. To be part of the community, vendors must demonstrate a strong customer base that consumes data in Azure.

“Today, Braincube is one of the key companies in Industry 4.0 emerging as a not only successful but thriving,'' says Braincube co-founder and CEO Laurent Laporte. “Our customers trust us because of our expertise and unique technologies. Braincube is an undisputed leader in tech and we are now striving to also become the number one leader in industrial business transformation. And to achieve this goal, we are scaling by partnering with the best and largest companies in the world. One of which is Microsoft.

Braincube on Azure is available anywhere, for every company in the world. Microsoft is now bringing Braincube solutions to all markets.”

Microsoft Azure offers more than 12,000 apps and services curated by category, workload and industry. However, there are only 1,700 manufacturing-specific apps, and Braincube is unique in the market due to its robust ready-to-use app suite and advanced process digital twin, both tailored to industrial business use cases.

"The product is mature and Braincube develops new features on a regular basis,” said a Braincube automotive customer. “Our industry has a shortage of data scientists and process specialists and therefore we would like the product to have more AI capability to upskill our data scientists and process engineers and ensure that anyone competent in Excel can use the product."

In an industry where data is often plentiful but there is a shrinking skills gap, Braincube helps its customers take control of their data to transform their operations. Peoples' jobs are made more efficient with apps that were designed by industrialists to solve some of the top challenges. Through Braincube applications, a global tire manufacturer recently identified $1M in materials optimizations.

As manufacturers are considering their overall data risk, it's natural for them to be looking for global organizations that offer global cloud capabilities.

"If companies are collecting data, but are unable to do anything with it, then data is not as democratized as is promised,” says Laporte. “At Braincube, we believe that by equipping teams with the right context for data, and easy-to-use, highly visual tools can help make a lasting impact on industry."

About Braincube

Braincube is a Smart IIoT platform and advanced business app suite dedicated to manufacturers. Our user-friendly apps empower everyone at your company to discover instant and long-term value from real-time Edge and Big Data analytics. Continuously contextualized and structured data — whether on-prem or in the cloud — puts the right information in your hands to optimize processes, reduce risk, and increase margins. Braincube provides a one-stop-shop to take control of your data and transform your operations. 

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