Demand drives Cablevey Conveyors to add second manufacturing shift

July 27, 2022
Company says that strong market conditions in the food and beverage sector has resulted in expanded production and services.

Oskaloosa, IA — July 27, 2022 (Cablevey release) — Cablevey Conveyors, a global specialty conveyor manufacturer for the food and beverage and industrial processing industries, announced its manufacturing facility in Oskaloosa, Iowa, has added a second shift to its current operations. This additional shift will double production capacity to help meet increased industry demand for Cablevey Conveyors' materials handling technologies. Globally, the food processing equipment market anticipates a CAGR of 6.1% through 2028, in response to overall food processing industry growth.

The Oskaloosa location currently manufactures the various components that comprise the enclosed tubular drag cable conveying systems the company designs, manufactures and services. This conveying technology has built a reputation for quality and reliability worldwide centered around gentle and clean conveying, efficient use of energy and easy cleanability, among other system benefits. 

The Oskaloosa plant also contains product testing facilities and warehousing, for shipping and parts fulfillment. The second shift will bring the plant’s manufacturing employment number to 20.

“Increasing capacity with a second shift enables us to meet our expanding customer bases’ delivery dates” said Brad Sterner, chief executive officer for Cablevey Conveyors. “Our current customers are expanding and we continue to benefit from new customers who convert to our tubular drag cable technology from legacy conveying systems.” 

This supports the strong production activity indicated in the State of Conveying research report Cablevey Conveyors released last quarter. In that market study of 200 food facilities, 91% of respondents reported business growth in the past year. Findings for the State of Conveying survey highlighted market trends, preferences, and challenges related to conveying systems and current marketplace concerns.

The Iowa company is known in the market as a global leader for enclosed tubular-style conveyors. Cablevey Conveyors opened its manufacturing facility in Iowa 50 years ago, with its corporate headquarters housed at the same site. 

Two fully staffed shifts is a first for the company. Not only does it service Cablevey Conveyor customers worldwide, but the employment increase also helps aid the economic stability of Mahaska County and southeastern Iowa. The company has invested in new technologies, such as automated fabrication and assembly centers, to help foster a safe work environment and streamline plant efficiencies while accommodating this additional shift. Forty percent of new production hires at the Oskaloosa plant are women, reflecting Cablevey Conveyors' commitment to diversity in the workplace. 

Said Sterner, “While this additional shift is designed to meet customer delivery dates, it is also an investment in the local economy. We look forward to continued growth and expansion to serve our customers in the food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and chemical markets.”

About Cablevey Conveyors

Cablevey Conveyors is a global specialty conveyor manufacturer that designs, engineers, assembles, and services tubular drag cable and disc conveyor systems. With customers in more than 65 countries, the company specializes in moving materials for food/beverage and industrial powder processors that seek food-grade conveying performance with systems that are clean, fast, energy-efficient, and cost-effective. Learn more at

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