Process equipment manufacturer introduces on-site safety audits

Aug. 3, 2022
Gericke engineers offer risk assessments and recommendations for improvement.

Somerset, NJ — August 3, 2022 (Gericke USA release) — Process equipment manufacturer Gericke, USA has introduced on-site safety audits.

Devised to help manufacturers eliminate potential safety hazards, the Gericke safety audits provide a full-day processing line inspection by an engineer to review each step in the process and uncover issues that may invite combustible dust events, slips and falls, and other costly, reportable incidents. The safety audits begin at material receiving and storage and move downstream to cover material transfer, weighing, feeding, mixing and other steps up to the packaging line.

Suitable for food, nutrition, chemical, pharmaceutical and other companies, the Gericke safety audits include a formal assessment identifying potential risks with written recommendations for minimizing the risks and avoiding workplace safety incidents. Eliminating bacterial contamination, safeguarding workers during equipment cleaning and preventing nuisance dust rank among the most common issues to be addressed in processing facilities.

The company is currently scheduling on-site safety audits for October, 2022.