Center for Chemical Process Safety strengthens its global impact with international conferences

Sept. 1, 2022
AIChE technical subsidiary promotes a vision of universal process safety excellence to chemical and petrochemical industries worldwide.
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NEW YORK CITY (September 1, 2022) — The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and its Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS; have scheduled a series of international conferences devoted to safe processes and practices in the chemicals and petrochemicals industries. The meetings promote a global culture of process safety in industry, and are based upon decades of safety best practices documented by CCPS through its network of affiliated companies, engineers, and safety experts. 

“CCPS’s regional and international safety conferences aim to instill a systematic approach to managing process safety while helping practitioners and their companies to build strong safety cultures across their organizations,” said Shakeel Kadri, Executive Director and CEO of CCPS. He added, “The international conferences are important not only because of the knowledge shared, but also because each event can be tailored to the unique technologies and safety challenges encountered by engineers and company leaders in specific geographic locations and industries.”

The conferences build upon the programming presented at CCPS’s annual Global Congress on Process Safety — the world’s preeminent conference devoted to chemical industry safety. The next Global Congress on Process Safety will be held in connection with the 2023 AIChE Spring Meeting, March 12–16, 2023, in Houston, Texas. 

AIChE and CCPS are organizing and collaborating on the following safety-related conferences at locations in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East for the remainder of 2022. 

66th Annual Safety in Ammonia Plants and Related Facilities Symposium 

September 12–15, 2022 — Chicago, Illinois

This conference is dedicated to helping engineers and chemical plant managers in the ammonia, nitric acid, methanol, and related industries create safe processes and efficient operations. Hundreds of industry stakeholders from dozens of countries participate in this influential annual symposium. 

4th CCPS Middle East Process Safety Conference

September 27–28, 2022 — Dammam, Saudi Arabia

This conference emphasizes operational excellence through the effective management of risk and reliability in the Middle East’s chemicals and petrochemicals industries. The event help to define, through collective experience, the engineering practices and leadership traits that will make process safety a strategic priority and core value in the region’s industries.  

2022 CCPS Africa Virtual Meeting October 4, 2022 — Online CCPS is supporting the advancement of process safety management (PSM) practices in companies throughout the South Africa region. During this interactive, virtual event, PSM experts, as well as leaders from organizations that have adopted PSM’s principles, will share lessons learned and best practices for building a safety culture. The event is co-hosted by DNV, an international organization with expertise in risk management and quality assurance.

7th Global Conference on Process Safety and Big Data

October 11–12, 2022 — DECHEMA House, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

CCPS is partnering with the European Process Safety Centre to share best practices and techniques for safe chemical industry operations — to benefit engineers, plant designers, and company leaders based in Europe. The conference incorporates concepts of “big data” — the application of online process information to business — to improve industrial processes, workplace safety, and chemical companies’ bottom line.

9th Latin American Conference on Process Safety 

October 18–20, 2022 — Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Held as a virtual conference in 2020 and 2021, the CCPS Latin American Conference on Process Safety returns to an in-person venue for its ninth edition. Supporting CCPS’s worldwide effort to prevent accidents and promote lifelong learning, the conference will be of interest to managers, company leaders, and other personnel responsible for implementing process safety management — with a program focused, in particular, on challenges pertinent to companies in Latin America, South America, and the Caribbean. 

Established in 1985, AIChE’s Center for Chemical Process Safety helps industries to develop tools and practices to make workplaces and communities safer. CCPS addresses these critical needs by collecting and sharing the knowledge of safety experts from around the world. More than 240 organizations, including many of the world’s leading chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, and related manufacturing companies, participate in this work. Additionally, CCPS has documented its techniques and recommendations for process safety excellence in more than 100 books and other publications.

Additional information about these and other conferences sponsored by AIChE and its technical subsidiaries is available at

About the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS)

CCPS is a not-for-profit corporate membership organization within AIChE, with more than 240 members, that identifies and addresses process safety needs in the chemical, pharmaceutical and petroleum industries. CCPS brings together manufacturers, government agencies, consultants, academics and insurers to lead the way in improving process safety. Members, working in project subcommittees, define and develop useful, time-tested guidelines that have practical applications that run the gamut from human factors to qualitative and quantitative risk analysis to security vulnerability to inherently safe design. With more than 100 publications, CCPS is at the forefront of efforts to improve process safety performance. More information about CCPS is available at

About AIChE — The Global Home of Chemical Engineers

AIChE is a professional society of more than 60,000 chemical engineers in 110 countries. Its members work in corporations, universities and government, using their knowledge of chemical processes to develop safe and useful products for the benefit of society. Through its varied programs, AIChE continues to be a focal point for information exchange on the frontiers of chemical engineering research in such areas as energy, sustainability, biological and environmental engineering, nanotechnology and chemical plant safety and security. More information about AIChE is available at

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