Unibloc expands available sizes for QuickStrip FoodFirst 600 pump

Oct. 19, 2022
Company says customer demand fueling line expansion for patented, proven sanitary pump technology.
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ATLANTA — Oct. 12, 2022 (Unibloc Hygienic Technologies release) — Unibloc Hygienic Technologies, Inc., a U.S.-based leading manufacturer of hygienic positive displacement pumps and products, recently announced the expansion of its QuickStrip FoodFirst pump series to include a full range of sizes from the QS FF 300 to the QS FF 677. The company developed this line expansion in response to customer demand. Outlet sizes for the line now range from 1.0-inch to 6.0 inches in diameter, and flow rates from 28 gallons per minute up to 500 gallons per minute, bringing patented and proven technology to a broader range of challenging sanitary applications.

The QuickStrip FoodFirst patented technology was designed to minimize foreign material risk, streamline maintenance and sanitation procedures, and maximize both food safety and worker safety.

  • Eliminate foreign material. The all-stainless design contains no rotor bolts or O-rings. This helps eliminate the most common causes of foreign material entering the process stream and also aids with metal and x-ray detectability.  
  • Streamline sanitation. The QuickStrip simplified design, with its tool-free disassembly, targets the sanitation cycle, the most common cause of equipment damage and source of foreign material contamination. The one-way, repeatable assembly simplifies sanitation and maintenance procedures and helps guarantee proper performance.  
  • Improved worker safety. An innovative swing arm supports the cover during sanitation and maintenance procedures. This increases worker safety while making cleaning easier.

“In a challenging labor market, this line expansion opens up new potential for food processors, especially in the meat and poultry processing arm of the industry, to save time devoted to pump sanitation while protecting worker safety,” said Mark Boyd, vice president of sales. “Creating more available outlet sizes enable companies to maintain desired flow and hygienic standards across a broader range of processing needs. Ask any of our current customers about its performance and longevity. We have a wealth of food processors facing challenging sanitation and waste stream pumping applications who can attest to the pump’s lower total cost of ownership.”

Unibloc Pump’s product line offers critical sanitary process manufacturing equipment for applications targeting the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, bakery and confection, meat and poultry, brewery and transportation industries. Within the past two years, the company tripled its plant footprint to increase capacity and better serve its customers. The company’s simple, easy to clean in place (CIP) pumps or clean out of place (COP) pumps help companies cut downtime required for sanitation procedures for a lower cost of operations.

For more information about the expanded line of QuickStrip FoodFirst pump series, contact Unibloc at www.unibloctech.com.

About Unibloc Hygienic Technologies Pumps

Since 1984, the Unibloc Pumps division of Unibloc Hygienic Technologies, has provided the food and beverage, meat and poultry, pharmaceutical and other industries with precision-engineered sanitary pumps, strainers, valves, and other accessory products to tackle the toughest sanitary jobs. Unibloc is the premier designer of simple, easy-to-clean pumps that help customers fight downtime and achieve a lower cost of operation. For more information, visit www.unibloctech.com

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