Honeywell introduces manufacturing excellence platform, driving digital transformation in the life sciences industry

Oct. 28, 2022
New offering expands Honeywell’s future-forward technologies, bringing innovation to life sciences manufacturing with a modular, integrated platform to digitize, orchestrate, and optimize production.

MADRID, Spain, (October 25, 2022; Honeywell release) — Honeywell recently introduced its Manufacturing Excellence platform, which provides real-time end-to-end production visualization and dashboards for multiple user roles from operators to management, process unit timelines, detailed equipment status, and trends of critical process parameters. The Manufacturing Excellence platform, built for Life Sciences applications, puts actionable information in context in one interface.

The solution digitizes paper-based batch records, work instructions, and logbooks to ensure consistent compliance with standard operating procedures. Visibility of batch progress and alerts on critical process parameters enable users to respond quickly if batches start trending toward excursion beyond golden batch or expected limits, therefore saving batches and improving quality. Users in multiple roles achieve faster batch release by significantly reducing review process time, actions, and signatures. Batch history and reports support closed-loop continuous improvement.

The platform is compatible with SAP and other enterprise resource planning solutions and integrates seamlessly with Honeywell’s Sparta TrackWise quality management system, Experion distributed control systems, and 3rd party systems at all levels of the manufacturing hierarchy. This provides unprecedented interoperability, transparency, and real-time insights to maximize production efficiency, quality, and compliance.

“This new platform will enable life sciences manufacturers to manage their production in one place. The platform can be deployed quickly and easily, in a modular approach, and more capabilities can be added as organizations advance on their journey”, said Shawn Opatka, VP and GM of Life Sciences at Honeywell Process Solutions.

The solution draws on Honeywell’s proven expertise in process control, SCADA, and batch historian technologies, as well as manufacturing execution systems to support life sciences manufacturers in their path to digitalization. The Honeywell Manufacturing Excellence platform is built for life sciences pharmaceutical segments ranging from Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturers and Contract Drug Manufacturing Operations (CDMO) to Biologics and Cell & Gene Therapy producers in various stages of product development, from clinical trials to commercialization.

“With this integrated software solution, we continue to expand our capabilities and bring to market a solution that takes the industry forward, allowing for greater production speed, reliability and the highest levels of product quality and safety,” said Shawn.

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