SGP Bioenergy to deploy Honeywell’s digital enterprise technology to support production at advanced renewable fuels plant in Panama

March 30, 2023
Experion technology solutions will enable the bioenergy leader to centralize its automation, safety control and telecommunications systems to meet rising global demand of clean, low carbon, transportation fuels.

HOUSTON, Texas (March 30, 2023; Honeywell release) — Honeywell announced that SGP BioEnergy will implement Honeywell’s Experion System Technology at its Golden City Biorefinery in Colón, Panama.

As one of SGP’s key automation contractors, Honeywell will deploy its Experion technology solutions for the plant’s distributed control and safety systems (DCS) and Experion® Industrial Security systems for its integrated telecommunications to build a sustainable aviation fuel refinery.

Once fully operational, the biorefinery is expected to produce 180,000 barrels per day of advanced biofuels, including sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and 405,000 metric tons of green hydrogen annually, according to SGP.

The plant’s SAF production capacity will help to meet the growing global demand for SAF. The International Air Transport Association projected that the aviation industry will require an estimated 23 billion gallons of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) by 2030 and 449 billion gallons by 2050 to meet the decarbonizing demands of the aviation sector.

Honeywell will provide SGP BioEnergy innovative digital technologies which will help enable the plant to operate at the highest level of efficiency with leading-edge monitoring and controls. Honeywell is also developing a workforce competency plan and strategy to improve operational efficiencies at the plant.

“Our team has a long-standing relationship with Honeywell, and their world-class technology suite, global leadership in refinery operations, and commitment to helping to drive the global energy transition, made our decision simple,” said Randy Delbert Letang, CEO of SGP BioEnergy. “Our project in Panama demonstrates that countries do not have to choose between sustainability and economic growth – it is possible to achieve both at the same time.”

“The collaboration between Honeywell and SGP BioEnergy will help ensure that the Golden City Biorefinery project sets a high standard for renewable fuel production and advanced operations globally,” said Jose Fernandes, vice president, Honeywell Performance and Materials Technologies, Latin America. “The project underscores Honeywell's commitment to providing customers with world-class advanced technology solutions that help operate the advanced biorefinery systems of the future.”

Construction on the SGP Biorefinery in Colón, Panama is expected to begin in 2025.

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