Digital lifecycle solutions software

Jan. 31, 2024
Control Station’s tiered lifecycle offerings align service levels with unique end user needs, facilitating goal achievement and maximizing return on investment.

Control Station has expanded its client services capabilities with the rollout of Digital Lifecycle Solutions (DLS). With the introduction of its DLS offerings, Control Station now empowers licensees of its award-winning products to maximize the value of their technology investments and to achieve their reliability and sustainability goals.

Control Station users located in over 70 countries are already familiar with the company’s PlantESP control loop performance monitoring (CLPM) solution and its capabilities for both monitoring operating conditions and suggesting optimal tuning values. The new DLS offerings build upon application services previously delivered to licensees of the PlantESP solution. Developed to align with different stages of a manufacturer’s operational journey, the enhanced services leverage PlantESP’s comprehensive PID control loop analytics to proactively analyze asset performance on a plant — or an enterprise-wide basis, apply advanced forensic and state-based analytics, and capitalize on intelligence captured by other on-premises and cloud-based computing and visualization platforms.

Users of advanced application technologies often struggle to capture the full potential of their investment due to a lack of training, overextended personnel, or other issues. In addition to the technology becoming shelfware, licensees of these technologies fail to meet more essential goals of improved asset reliability and sustainability. Control Station’s DLS offerings address these challenges directly, assisting users so they can take full advantage of PlantESP’s capabilities and realize valuable and ongoing optimization results.

In collaboration with assigned project champions, the DLS offerings guide customers through three lifecycle phases: identify, implement, and maintain. Each phase incorporates increasingly sophisticated methods of analysis and recommendations for corrective action. Customized DLS charters define the agreed-to project scope and document both performance goals and resource commitments. As a strategic partner in the charter’s execution, Control Station’s engineering staff lend expert support through onsite and virtual means.

Process optimization is a specialty skill, and CLPM software like PlantESP has made extraordinary advances in helping users of all types find success. Control Station is now partnering with users through DLS to emphasize value addition through service excellence, helping process manufacturers further amplify the benefits of their optimization technology investments.


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