Photo Credit: William Ellsworth, USGS

Under proposals being considered by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, operators of wastewater disposal wells could find themselves obliged to supply local regulators with more information, the Oklahoman has reported.

One of the new rules under consideration states that operators must keep daily records of injection volumes and well pressure. According to Matt Skinner, spokesman for the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, this will not be a problem for many operators because they already do it. It is also being proposed that mechanical integrity tests are conducted on every disposal or injection well within six months of its completion.

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Skinner noted that the proposed new rules were the result of continued discussions revolving around best practices for oil and natural gas exploration in the state of Oklahoma. With new technology and techniques constantly making their way into the industry, it is to be expected that new rules will always have to be considered. The Commission is doing that in close collaboration with all parties concerned, Skinner added.

The proposals will be subject to discussion during two conferences scheduled to take place in the days ahead. One of the events will be held on January 29 and the other on February 14. Feedback gathered during these conferences will be used to select the proposals that will be referred to the three elected commissioners for further consideration. Before any proposals become effective rules, they will have to receive the stamp of approval from the state legislature.