A new cooling method for meat and poultry processors is claimed to improve cryogen efficiency by more than 30 percent versus traditional nitrogen cooling systems.

The ColdFront CryoBlend injection system from Praxair, Inc. is a cryogenic liquid nitrogen injection system for cooling of meat mixing processes. The first commercial installation was recently completed at KC Sausage in Kansas City, Mo. after testing confirmed the effectiveness of liquid nitrogen to achieve precise temperature control and deliver consistent product quality and efficiency.

As Praxair explained, precise temperature control during meat mixing and grinding helps provide consistency in the forming process. Moreover, it limits the growth of bacteria that can alter flavor or reduce shelf life.

“Achieving the correct temperature of our blended product allows us to meet or exceed standards our customers have come to expect,” commented Darren Hoffman, director of operations for KC Sausage. “Additionally, we have reduced waste and that transfers directly to increased profits.”

As well as improving the finished product, Praxair believes that its ColdFront CryoBlend injection system offers clear benefits on the processing side.

“The proprietary liquid nitrogen injection system provides rapid and uniform heat removal throughout the mixer,” said Joey Daniel, director of commercial development at the industrial gases company. “The design of this injection system also prevents freeze-ups in the process, resulting in a reliable, cost-effective operation that helps processors meet all applicable quality standards.”