Product Focus: New products

Aug. 14, 2020
New equipment from Best Process Solutions, Spartan Scientific, Material Transfer and Zero-Max


A full line of heavy-duty rotary-electric vibrators and drives from Best Process Solutions are designed for bins, hoppers, chutes, screeners, vibratory feeders, conveyors, tables and other vibratory applications.  All provide continuous maximum-force operation — from 30 lbs. to more than 40,000 lbs.  These dust-tight, splash-proof motors provide excellent field performance in harsh environments. Heavy-duty construction — including ductile-iron castings, steel end covers and high-alloy fasteners — assures long life. Motors from BPS are available in 3600-, 1800-, 1200- and 900-RPM models, from 1/50th to 17½ horsepower.  All units can be mounted horizontally or vertically.


Spartan Scientific recently announced that its line of air-piloted valves now includes the APVS Media Separated Valve Series. This new series is comprised of four different styles of APVS valves and provides many versatile options for handling caustic media, all while allowing safe operation in volatile areas. The series includes inert gas/spring-operated valves to control high-purity, aggressive and corrosive liquid chemicals. Each APVS Valve can be configured to meet critical user requirements with ordering options that include various port sizes, diaphragm seal materials, pilot options and valve function. In addition, an optional magnetic piston is available for end-of-stroke position sensing and can be combined with a magnetic position sensor to maintain positive feedback. Some common applications for the APVS series include:

  • Food and liquid dispensing or processing
  • Harsh chemical processing, injection and handling
  • Pharmaceutical and analytical processing


IP65-Rated Crown Right Angle Gear Drive models feature a nickel-plated housing for corrosion protection and are now available in 1:1 and 2:1 ratios and 2-way, 3-way and counter-rotating shaft configurations for reliable and quiet transmission of power. Crown Gear Drives are a proven design that are now open to new application opportunities with this IP65 Rating. Ideal for food processing and food packaging applications, and harsh environments requiring frequent washdowns, these Crown Gear Drives feature ingress protection, sealing the Crown Gear against environmental concerns such as dust, dirt and water infiltration from water jets. They also feature nickel-plated housings, corrosion-protected stainless-steel shafts and NBR covered shaft seals, adding more protection from washdown chemicals and process chemicals present in challenging applications.


This patented system is designed for discharging various food ingredients into a customer’s existing process. The unit features sanitary stainless-steel product contact surfaces with continuous welds, ground smooth, for accelerated contact surface sanitization and inspection. Equipment is painted using a finishing system designed for use in food and beverage processing and is FDA- and USDA-approved for areas of direct and indirect dry food contact. Highly cross-linked film resists chemicals and solvents, and does not support growth of mold, fungi or other micro-organisms. The unit features an electric chain hoist and Spider-Lift bag lifting frame. It also features the exclusive heavy-duty Flo-Master bulk bag massaging system to promote material flow, and the Flo-Lock gate for partial bag discharge. The unit also includes the exclusive Seal-Master round bag spout access chamber and a Sure-Seal pneumatic bag spout clamping system for dust-tight discharge.

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